TEXT TOPIC: What do you want to have happen in 2019?

I am going to spend more time on myself and be a better friend

twelve years in our townhouse w/ four kids. Would like to move to a new house with a yard and garage. This is the year.

for 2019 I would like to continue to strengthen my marriage with my husband. We will be celebrating our one year anniversary this year. It''s hard but it is worth it!

In 2019, I want to start the eff over. Sell it ALL, take the family to a faraway place, and push the reset button.

In 2019 I want to pay off debt. Pay all bills on time. No late fees in 2019

In 2019 I want to keep in touch with my friends/family more. I''ve been feeling guilty about not communicating as much as I''d like to. Life is too short and with the sudden passing of my G-pa, you never know when it''s the last time.

I want to say "yes" more. More adventures, more social events, be a little less introverted.

in 2019 I'm working on me, I'm getting fat transfer breast implants. Getting rid of the belly and adding shape other places.

Get out of debt.

full of traveling and photography, I''m going to be a photographer a professional one and this year is my is going to be my stepping year to be a badass photographer.

I am hoping in 2019 to final have the money to get my wife of three years and children here from Asia. Praying for miracle.

2019 i want to live a happier life, help those i can. Get a better job, finish school and be healthier

moving out state. Starting over completely

want to become a realtor this year and finally quit my job that I hate

2019- less procrastination, so freshman finals are easier on me :)

2019 I want to read more or audio books. I hate reading!

I'm 35 but I want to pay off my mortgage this year. Looking at the final payment in May.

I want my client list to grow as well as my staff. Double it is my goal as well as hopefully advertise with iheart

starting my own business so i can quit my job i hate that I''m currently in. Already done a beta test and know i can make the same amount. Getting closer to quitting.

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