TEXT TOPIC: Did your Christmas gift jack you up?

When I was younger I got a Teddy Ruxpin for Christmas. The smell of smoke woke me up one night, it was on fire. 3rd degree burns in my hands.

my sister got a long board for an early gift before going to Cali. I took it to Cali, was riding it in Venice beach and I tripped hyper extended my knee tearing my ACL. new year new me!

got a weighted blanket for Christmas (btw amazing to help with anxiety or restless sleep) it weighs about 25lbs and when I opened it, it dropped right on my junk. Almost threw up from the pain

A few years ago my daughters got a new snowboard for Christmas. We decided to go up to Nordic Valley and try them out on New Year''s day. Ended up with one daughter with a broken wrist and the other daughter with a broken elbow. Both in casts. Everyone thought I had beat them up

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