TEXT TOPIC: What are you struggling with right now?

This first year of marriage is so much harder then I ever thought it would be. Especially with the holidays and trying to spend time with both families. Some days it''s hard to see the good and keep the excitement.

in the process of a divorce after 7 yrs.

my wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer earlier this yea so I''m taking care of her and now her Mom''s cancer is back and she only has a month left before she passes

Struggling with my 3 year old twins climbing out of their cribs at all hours of the night! This mama is EXHAUSTED

I''m struggling with being a new mom and working full time. Its hard because I''m missing all my sons firsts

im struggling with going to my current job its hard to wake up. I want to start the career i am going to school for now

Struggling whether I should stay in my marriage or move on and find myself again. I don''t want to hurt him but i don''t think I can do this anymore

Sons suicide attempt and motor went out in my car this week.

I''m struggling with the holidays and kids out of the house. I have no Christmas spirit, it''s lonely putting the tree up alone, or making cookies without helpers. As much as they would fight, their laughter and excitement for Christmas is what I''m missing the most. Love them all.

Single mom with 3 boys on the autism spectrum. I love them to the moon & back. Autism is just hard. Merry Christmas

dealing with my daughters herion addiction she's lost everything and everyone including her daughter

I''ve struggled with addiction for almost 7 years. Now almost a year clean and the current struggle is getting my credit repaired after all the stupid decisions I''ve made

My husband has a TBI which results in convulsions on bad days. He takes care of my dad who has dementia and Parkinson''s. On top of that we bought ause truck 90 days ago with an extended warranty that doesn''t the $3000 EGR cooler that''s leaking

I am struggling with my son''s weight, he is 9 he will be 10 in April in 4th grade and the last time we weighed him he was 114 lb and I know he''s bigger now. We''ve had him in karate soccer and football he does good he starts slimming a bit and then once it''s over he goes right back up. We''ve had a lot happened in our family over the past few years and just want him to be happy.

my struggle right now is understanding why my boyfriend had me look at engagement rings 5 mos ago if he wasn't ready for that step.

my son has kidney disease to where he will need a transplant and could cost him his life. My husband has kidney issues and blames himself. I try to be strong for him and my other kids. But when I am alone I break down.

having social anxiety in my 30s. It's like having body dysmorphia but on the inside.

I'm struggling with getting over finding out that my husband was texting another girl he met through work. I found out when a text popped up on his iPad

struggling w/ being married but want soo badly to be with the man I'm having an affair with but can't bare to hurt ppl I love .. I feel horrible all around

estranged from abusive mom. Although stepping away was the best for my mental health, holidays r hard when u c families happy together

Finally found a med combo that makes me feel like myself, but it also makes me gain weight. I can't decide if the happiness is worth it

I''m 9 months pregnant and my husband and I haven''t been intimate in months. I have asked him why he does want to do anything with me anymore and he said it''s because he doesn''t want to hurt me more than I''m hurting now. I''m wanting to do stuff with him and I don''t feel pretty so I''m worried that he has lost interest and doesn''t view me in that way now.

my husband just walked out on my 3 yr old and I

Nightmare ex. I'm a "golddigger" for asking him to pay half daycare he owes over $6000 in back child support never paid a penny and makes me the bad guy on FB

I am divorced and my 13 year old wants nothing to do with me. She is going through some struggles of her own, and that makes it worse

I just found out Im pregnant after 6 years of being told it will not happen. I am struggling with accepting its true, and trying to figure out how to tell my teen bonus kids they don''t want more siblings, they will be really upset.

My young son is struggling with depression and his desire to take his life breaks my heart. We are doing therapy and medication, but everyday I wake up terrified for us both

I''m struggling with heartbreak! I miss my ex bf (I cry daily)but I have the most amazing guy showing up for me right now. This new guy gives me butterflies

the struggle is real my boss decided to retire this month gotta find a new job in two weeks!

struggle with my OCD. Having 3 kids not cleaning, not putting dishes away, not doing chores. House always messy. I end up blowing up at them bc nobody cleans except for me. I need therapy!

Family! Family can be the best thing in the world, it can also be the worst.

struggling with mental health. No motivation, no energy and tired of the crap ton of pills I take every morning, I'm only in my mid 30's. Just tired.

My mom refusing to take responsibility for keeping my real dad out of my life and inserting a verbally/mentally abusive stepdad instead.

my 18 year old son. I feel like he''s struggling with depression and I want to help guide him out of depression, not enable him, but he doesn''t livewith me and keeps putting off coming back home.

My mom being selfish and always the victim. She isn't involved with me or my daughter. Feeling unwanted hurts.

my grandma passed 2 weeks ago today, and now my husbands grandma is in icu and slowly passing. I'm 19 weeks pregnant. Extra emotional for sure.

lost my mom last year to cancer. I'm struggling with the holiday without her. I miss her and the pain is nearly unbearable

lost mom to cancer... I'm 40 feel like an orphan

take care of my 86 yr old grandma in law. She''s not the problem but her crazy a** daughter that lives with us as well. She Steals from her constantly and is a mooch! Always acts like she''s thebest daughter and nothing is wrong. Grandma lets it go because she''s don

my oldest is a senior in high school this year. I'm really struggling receiving the college acceptance letters in the mail.

I'm struggling with 2 new diagnosed autoimmune diseases, medical bills, ptsd, paying for full time school, full job, and part time job

Struggling with my manipulative and controlling ex trying to continue the pattern even after the relationship, finally blocked him today, but struggling financially because of that relationship. It''s a poor christmas this year

struggling w/my Bipolar, my son's Autism, & other son's ADD/ODD. It's so hard.

struggling with the idea that maybe all my life amounts to is going to a job I hate and stressing about bills. I don''t know if I can continue a lifelike that

Struggling with money for the holidays. I might be losing my job at the end of the month and i pay all the bill for my wife and i

struggling trying to come up with money to pay my lawyer to get $25,000 in alimony my ex owes me. But I'm a gold digger for asking for it

struggling trying to come up with money to pay my lawyer to get $25,000 in alimony my ex owes me. But I'm a gold digger for asking for it

struggling with spouse who expects way to much out of me like being romantic or planning date nights each week. We have a 18 month old baby and I'm sorry

struggling with my grandma has finally agreed to go see a doctor about her not being able Do you remember things

Struggling with Chris not coming into work. Loser.

I am trying to be a respectful and patient wife but my husband drives me crazy!! 20 years together UGH

called cops on my dad when he got to physical with my mom Now they''re getting divorced after 28 yrs of marriage. Not my fault I know but Ifeel guilty eryday

Got a new job 5 months ago. Everything has been GREAT! Now I have a new supervisor 3 days ago and now things are slowly going downhill. EFF!!!!

struggling with the heater in my car going out. You can see my breath as I drive. But the sun is shining so it could be worse

I am struggling with getting people to view my Twitch broadcasts or my YouTube videos. #iprobablyneedbettercontent

I am pregnant and this is my first time. I''m so excited for my little one but I''m struggling with the weight. I use to workout and be so active. Butnow I just want to relax. My husband is still working out and being active and I feel gross compared to him. He is super supportive but I still feel unattractive.

I am struggling with being single again this holiday season

Adjusting to life as a single mom of two and having to deal with your ex now wanting to be a part of the family and do stuff with the kids.

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