TEXT TOPIC: How do you transfer info to another phone?

why don’t you just plug them both into a PC and physically move them

Make sure you save all of your stuff to an SD card also. They make a plug that plugs into your charging Jack and you can put a regular SD in and save them to that also. Droid and IOS

great app that I use to transfer photos is Google photos. Basically it''s connecting and uploading your photos through your Gmail account. You would just installed the app on your phone and then it will automatically start pulling the photos that are on your phone to the Google Photos app. So then you can access them through your Gmail account online or you could install the Google Photos app on your new phone and have access to them as well

go check out Best Buy. Usually they can do that. I think they have a geek squad app that can transfer stuff like that.

download google photos and back them up that way. And you can download it on new phone and login too

use NFC

there's an app called send anywhere that you can download on both phones and transfer that want]

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