TEXT TOPIC: Who is the sore loser in your family?

My dad is the sore loser. Whenever he started losing in any game we played he would start changing the rules.

My wife is the sore loser. Usually cards or thrown or game pieces are strewn everywhere and refusal to ever play again. In her defense I may possibly egg it on by being a sore winner. Love ya babe.

The sore loser in our family is my son Gage, who's 11. He gets so mad and freaks out whenever he loses.

It's totally me! I won't play games that I'm not good at and I get cranky when I lose. I just hate being embarrassed!

it would be my son. We had a old school Nintendo mini and I knew the short cuts and he lost. Well he stomped on it so no one could play he is 16.

2 out of 3 brother in law’s. One of them gets mad if he loses or if you screw around and pretend like you’re cheating he will have a cow. My other brother in law cheats to win every time

my brother is the biggest loser. If he thinks he's going to lose, he will just quit the game and runoff

It''s me and it''s worse against my husband. We are so competitive against each other. He kids are fine if they lose but they know of dad wins the game we are playing again. We will play until anyone but him wins then we can quit haha

Brent and Greg are sore losers big time. Reed just plays and has fun. Ha. Called y'all out

My 17 year old brother will throw a fit, start complaining how much he hates the games and will sometimes cry.

My 39 year old brother. Pictionary growing up he threw the big white board & threw the dry erase markers @ all of us. My siblings & I egged him on haha

My daughter (22) is the sore loser. We have to play the game the until she wins! That means playing the same damn game more than once!! We have been known to just give in and let her win so we can just move on!!

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