TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

If you are old fat or lazy that does not make you handicapped. Stop parking in the handicap spots. There are some people in wheelchairs that actually need to park in the handicap stalls don''t disable the truly disabled

can't wait for court this week! Bring your checkbook! I hope it's deep.

Dear boss stop watching me and my every move ur making me feel uncomfortable this is work we dont need a drill sergeant we do our jobs!!!! Flippin ahole

Grow up Adam. Pay child support, pull your head outta ur ass and be a man. You got her pregnant twice and then left. U loser

Maybe you should focus on doing YOUR job correctly FIRST instead of half assing it and doing other peoples job when we didn t askfor your help!

dear deployed husband I am here trying to sell our house work a full-time job take care of two kids and get ready for Christmas and you are going tocomplain to me that you don''t have food in your house get off your ass and be an adult

New hires... I understand you have experience in the field butyou know nothing about our company. Let us teach you. Don''t come inand act like a know it all. There''s nothing for you to know.. chill

So tired of trying to help you advance in the company. You need to come in on your time to learn everything

hey sister. You owe mom $800 for car insurance. Get it together, you have no idea what she goes without for you.

it's been three years and you refuse to talk about any future. Get over your issues before I get over you

Thanks for stealing my thunder by going through my personal email and letting the boss know I got a new job before I could.. #snoopybitch

Hey Boss, I know what my coworkers make and if I truly do a better job why won't you pay me what they make? 35k is not cost of living difference.

When Grown ass men, acting like Jr High girls. Mad because a coworker got a award instead of them.

To the teacher who claims she's a professional, act like one and do your job and stop letting computers teach kids.

every time you''re late, you mess up our whole schedule and other patients treatment. You come weekly, you know when your appointment is. You''re beingrude! Once is one thing but every time is ridiculous!

you are in your 50's you shouldn't have your mom call in for you. Find your own coverage

If you text me after 2 or more years and I don't know the number there's a reason. I'm not interested. Lose my #

To my one employee stop having babies so you can have excuse after excuse on missing work give it up just stay home and be a mom you''re pathetic


You can pretend that I stole your job BUT really, you sucked at it and hated it so the company decided to replace you with me. I didn''t steal anything-you lost it.

dear coworker, stop saying to all your female coworkers "atta girl" it's really demeaning and I want to slap you

Quit showing off your new skinny body like you've done something healthy to loss the weight. Doing cocaine is not a weight loss program.

pay child support and suck it up! Its a part of life

I asked you what days you needed off this month. Maybe you should have mentioned the day of your finals.

just because your a nurse does not mean you can talk to me like garbage. And I am a Medical assistant not a tech get it right!

hey mom, thanks for choosing your violent, child molesting boyfriend over your own family. If he''s really do so great is there a reason you won''t even talk to us about it? Cool, cool.

I didn't sleep with your husband he tried to do things with me and forced himself on me in the car

what happened to the days of actually RSVPing? People don't commit to anything anymore and it's never been easier with FB invites

Hey lazy coworker. U come in 1/2 hr late, take a long lunch and leave early, but r 2 busy 2 do all ur work. Be a man and do ur job!

to my boss, you add on more work for me to do, whatever, job security. But now I'm doing other people's work too? Where's my f'in raise???!!!

when u dont show up to family get togethers, but drop everything at the mention of money Grow the F up put the weed down & adult like the rest of us.

wished you bishes working night shift would actually do your job instead half ASSING it n leaving it for day shift to clean up. Lazy b’S

Stop texting your ex-daughter-in-law, dad. She STILL has you wrapped around her finger. Is talking to her more important than your relationship with your son?

there are not enough hours in the day for me to do both my job and yours I’m not going to bail you out any more After 25 yrs u should know what the hell u r doing but I guess the only way you’ll learn is to fall on your face ''n'' when you do hope it’s not malpractice YOU SUCK

If I have the qualifications to do the job, give me the job! Do not hire someone else for the position and give me some BS excuse then have me train

I love you but I don't want you in my my life anymore just be there for your child because I deserve better then the way you been treating me. Thank u, next

When you drive 8 hours to ''get your stuff'' but really it is to get me back, don''t throw a tantrum when I dont change my mind for you. I told you it will never happen, you bring this hurt on yourself and wasted your churches money to get out here

STOP EATING AT MY DESK! You are a GD slob and I am sick of cleaning up after you. #iwillkillyou

dear ex in laws when I ask what to buy my kids father for Christmas please don''t suggest a $100 dollar gift! You really expect me to spend that much on someone who robbed me and the kids so many times?

To the coworkers talking crap on me, eat a poopie. I can't go as fast as you want because I have a chronic medical condition. Try compassion...

quit trying to tear my kid down because your kid is not as good as mine. Spend more time building your kid up and leave mine alone. Also if you have proof of bullying put up or shut up

if you honestly think our son would be better on the streets with your drug run life.. Than please by all means keep fighting for him. He is in a home where he is loved and cared for, and he would be much better off to never know of you.

you wonder why our relationship isn''t the same anymore, we tell you your actions make us not trust you and your response is the same behavior. Not helping! Figure your shiz out!

thanks for costing me $900 by giving away my original unwrapped in the box Furby...GRAMMY! :)

Mom if u don't agree w/my vaccination choice 4MY kids its fine,u have right 2ur opinion.But don't talk down 2me like I don't have yrs of research.

maybe if you didn't get your nails, eyelashes, and eyebrows done every month you'd be able to pay your bills

Mom, when my little brother eventually dies because of his addiction, you''re going to feel like shiz knowing you enabled the hell out if him. When an addict asks for help, throwing money at him doesn''t fix it.

Take a shower you smelly pig. No one can stand to be within ten feet of you

Hey mom you have 3 grandsons not 1 quit forgetting about my kids

it is illegal to park on the street during the winter you morons! And yes, if you park there again I will call the police

you knew my mom was a negative person when you married me so don't act like all of the sudden I'm going to cut her out of my life because you're mad at her

you moved us to a new office that took 1week- WTF were you doing all week and weekend, the office isn''t even set up or ready You say Utah is a slower pace than San Francisco but you move like a snail!!!

I asked to borrow your one of MANY designer coats for my Christmas party. You told me no because I never returned a coat I borrowed 3 years ago. You''re lying. You were just jealous because you weren''t invited to any parties because you''re a Scrooge

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