TEXT TOPIC: Are you waiting for a relationship to end so you can swoop in?

my best friend in college, I was super into him and he had a GF. waited it out, when they broke up I told him how I felt, now we're married

hubby now waited for 4 yrs to tell me he loved me. All those yrs I was always in a relationship and he didnt want to mess things up

Have a friend I messed around with before, but he got married, but then got divorced while I was dating someone. I''m single now but he is still dating, I''m not actively waiting, but believe me i''m going to jump all over that 6''5" tatted blue eyed viking the second he is single

less than two weeks after my breakup, a guy friend sent me flowers and another one (best friend's ex) asked me out. Didn't go out with either of them

My current husband waited out my last relationship with my ex husband. 2 months after we separated my current husband reached out to me and the rest is history.

Dated my husband for a bit many years ago, married and divorced someone else. Then he swooped in, now married 6yrs.

my best guy friend is still till this day waiting out my marriage. 14 yrs & counting. He's gonna be waiting a long time

Recently started talking with an old friend and it sounds like their marriage isn't going well. Never would cheat but I've always loved that girl.

Aunt's exbf said he would wait when they broke up;she married had 2 kids. Divorced after 9 yrs and married the old bf. Been together 25+ years now

I had someone ask me out, I told him I was engaged. He said "well people get hit by trucks every day, so let me know if that changes." He drove a truck. he was joking, I hope. He worked for radio station too.

my now husband waited for me and my then bf to break up. I was not serious at all about the bf. Our first official date to a dance was about a week after the break-up

husband did this to me. He kept an eye on my social media. The moment I changed my profile picture & Untagged pics of my ex, he reached out 2 me

My boyfriend has at least a dozen women that he used to sext in the beginning of our relationship waiting out our relationship. I know the moment we break up he will be swarmed with thirsty bitches

I'm waiting out my ex husbands relationship. I'll wait as long as I need to

my wife says she has a "gut feeling" that she isn’t supposed to be with me, and I think once we get divorced, she will date her best friend. (Even though he’s in a serious relationship)

had 3 guys waiting on me (my uncles friends that are my age) FYI I didn''t know they were all friends... I got with Miguel first him and I didn''t last then Rafael came alone right after I broke up with Miguel. Rafael and i didn''t last long maybe 2 months after i broke up with him I want to say 1monthlater My now husband of almost 2 years asked me out cuz he heard I wasn’t with Rafael and told me he been waiting on me from Rafael. End of story they all worked at the same place as me.

my husband swooped in after my breakup. BF flew me to London for 2 wks & pawned me off on his friend to "baby-sit" me. I ended it with BF after the 1st week and then spent the next wk w/my now husband and his family b4 I came back home 2 UT. Husband came to UT 1 wk later and we’ve been married for 7 yrs.

my now Gf was dating a total loser. I became good friends and eventually best friends with her and convinced her to end her awful relationship and now she’s with me

I’m waiting for my sisters friend to break up with her boyfriend so I can get with her. She is breaking up with him after Christmas. She is no longer happy in her relationship

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