TEXT TOPIC: Who ruined the surprise for the gift?

husband got my dream kitchen aid at Black Friday. the store called Monday 2 offer deal 2 upgrade membership for those who shopped Black Friday. I was confused. They said you bought a kitchen aid right? I replied I think you just ruined my Christmas surprise.

my mother in law ruins EVERY present. I wanted a smart watch for my birthday so everyone contributed money so I could buy one after my birthday dinner. The second I walked in the door my MIL asks which color watch I got and asks to see it

bought the wife a cruise for Christmas. She was trying to arrange a family reunions for the same time. I had to tell her

ruined my Christmas the same way you did Frankie. My mother in law had to stop me from buying High Jackman tickets.

right before my husband proposed, I found the ring box, so I knew it was coming. It was supposed to be a surprise. I didn''t tell him about that until much later.

my husband and I just moved into a new home so we''ve been getting a lot of packages from amazon, well I opened one of my gifts because I thought it was for the house! Now he is letting me use it early and saying it''s no longer a Christmas gift

my aunt ruined our surprise trip to California for Christmas a couple years ago. And then acted like she didn't do anything wrong.

about 10 years ago I was surprising my husband with rock band it was right when it just came out. We were at family pictures and my brother goes in front of my husband so were you able to get Rock Band for him. My husband just looked at me and I had no choice but to tell him

Hubby hates to wait for surprises. One year as he was opening presents he was saying what each one was before opening. Yeah, he checked my Amazon.

this year I have been clueless on what to get my boyfriend for Christmas until his headset to his xbox broke my plan was to replace his headset. We went to target the other day to Christmas shop for our son and he kept insisting he needed to buy a new head set I tried everything to keep him from getting one but well I went one way to look at some toys he went the other way an came back with dang headset! so I had to tell him thanks for ruining my plan on getting you one for Christmas. I am now back to square one on what I should get him .

spent a year planning a surprise trip to NYC for my husband's 30th birthday & the day before we were to leave & The day I was to tell him I checked in and it notified him

me my bro and cuz in backseat of car. Bro said he knew what his present was already. I said no, he kept on and I said you don''t know you''re getting a skateboard! Gift he always wanted. He was 10 I was 6

got my husband a really nice big little giant ladder, he comes home and says let's go get a ladder I need one...had no choice but to tell him.

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