TEXT TOPIC: Did you have a panic attack in public?

had a bad panic attack while on my LDS mission in front of a large critical crowd in downtown Portland, OR.

has a panic attack at work, hyper ventilated and my co-workers has to call the paramedics. Super embarrassing

girls night out just left the house at a stop sign had To jump out of the car couldn’t breathe thought my chest was gonna rip open freaked out friends ruin the night

had a panic attack on black friday this year in the store. So many people! My husband just grabbed me and put my head into his chest to calm me down.

biggest panic attack I had, ironically was when I arrived in Park City to meet a friend for a convention I couldn’t even go inside too many smart intelligent beautiful women I felt inadequate to be there and it set my insides into a complete anxiety attack

I’m painfully shy. I was asked to talk in church, I get up there and proceed to have a panic attack at the stand in front of the whole congregation. Thankfully everyone was really kind, but ever since then if I get asked to speak I say no. Hopefully Jesus understands lol

had one a few weeks ago when I was 23 weeks pregnant. Because I had a bad day at work and then a client called me and went off on me for no reason. I thought I was having a heart attack, and catching my breath is already hard enough with a baby crushing your diaphragm

1st panic attack was driving in a Paris tunnel (where Princess Di passed). I was driving my mom & 7 yr old daughter. Didn''t know WHAT was happening. Mom talked me through it thankfully!!!! Terrifying!!!!

took my 3 best friends boating for my birthday one had a panic attack, apparently she is afraid of water, friends decided to sit on beach with her

the only panic attack I had was in store. I was late picking up my child from school and couldn't find my way out of the upstairs trap!

My husband and I went camping up in Bear Lake last summer with his parents. I always take off my wedding ring when I wash my hands. I had a panic attack thinking I had lost my ring and it was in my pocket

Had a panic attack day of wedding of course. Not sure how I got from my home to the reception area. Freaked out when I got there so bad my mom made me stay in the bridal room. Got up to say my vows and blanked out for a second then got my crap together and read the paper.

Panic attack on the plane back from family vacation. Thought I was having a heart attack at 23. Mom thought it was a stroke. ER Dr said just panic attack.

I''m a college student. Had one in the middle of the library while studying. My heart was beating so hard that my eyesight was moving with the beat. Trying not to cry in public made it worse. I couldn''t calm myself down on that one. mom thanks for helping me thru my panic attacks EVERY time, you''re the best

had a full-blown panic attack while I happened to be driving on I-15. Ended up crashing, spinning across all lanes and totaling my car

I perform in musical theatre productions. The dance finale had begun and a co-star did something unplanned that caused me to completely forget the routine and froze/went numb in front of a full-house audience. Barely pulled through but made it to the end just to break down as soon as I stepped offstage. It was ugly. Never happened before.

had a panic attack after weeks of dealing with mystery illness. I felt a black wave come over me, I felt like I was dying. I made my husband driveme to the ER on the way my hands literally curled into themselves and stuck! When we got to ER I couldn''t walk. They gave my some medicine and about a 30minutes later my hands relaxed and I calmed down

I am a flight attendant and had a panicked attack while we were taxiing out to the runway. The pilot had to take the airplane back to the gate so Icould get off the plane. Horrible experience

had a panic attack at the panic at the disco concert. Crying while walking to my car. My sister had to pick me up

While visiting my boyfriend in Portland, I had a full blown panic attack in a restaurant. I don't even remember much because I blacked out.

packed dentist office, was told I maxed insurance & had to pay 1/2 a $800 service upfront. My chest, throat, eyes started to burn, heavy chest, tears.

Panic attack at work because I work with a bully who doesnt give a crud about how they treat people.

My wedding day I had a panic attack in front of all the guests because my in-laws were being rude to our family and guests , my husband had one afterseeing me because his family was making the day about them and what they want. It took a min for us to get it together but every time someone asked if Iwas okay I just wanted to leave. It was embarrassing but just couldn''t control it

Had panic attacks for the last 3 years working at a job that I''m not too fond of they were the worst on Sundays right before I had to go back to work for the week

get a panic attack in a automatic car wash!

have a stalker I was in a store some nice guy just smiled at me and I just collapsed and started hyperventilating husband had to come pick me up

my wife had 1 as I was pulling our new trailer up parleys. Unfortunately I was not nice while it was going on because her freaking out didn''t help metrying to drive

Had a panic attack, not in front of anyone. Dexamethazone induced. Called my wife at 3AM (she & kids were in AZ) to tell her goodbye. Convinced I was dying

I''m a nurse and we had an emergency C-section. I had to push on the Adam''s apple so she could be intubated. That''s all it took and having a mask on my face and I panicked! I passed out after hyperventilating. It was awful and embarrassing.

panic attack at the gym (no preworkout was taken) I couldn't catch my breath and ended up having an attack. Hubby & I left & when he was driving I told him

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