TEXT TOPIC: All I want for Christmas is.......WHAT?

new car where the power steering isn't going out!!!

To be happy with myself

want my boyfriend to break up with me so I don't have to hurt him

two chicks at the same time

all I want is good health

my husband to stop seeing me as a dependent and start seeing me as an equal partner

time with my wife and daughter! Graduating from college on Tuesday and will finally have time with my family!

want my kids to be happy, stress-free. And a raise!! Desperately NEED a raise!!

is my best friend back

all I want for Christmas is to spend one more with my dad

All I want for Christmas is for my husband to not have to plow so he can spend the day with us

all I want for Christmas is a full nights sleep.... #4monthtwins

want 4 Xmas is to feel the Xmas spirit

all I want for christmas is a SH!T ton of SNOW!

a soulmate

My girls and I have been homeless for over a year. All we want is to get the rest of our family here from Asia and to have a warm place to stay.

the mass at the base of my daughter's skull to not be cancerous, she's only 14 and it's been very stressful

tickets to Hugh Jackman World Tour!

husband to get a job near home. He is in the oilfields. Hard on my 4 kids and I

my anxiety and depression to go away and the strength to get sober

my ex to leave me alone to heal! He is coming out this next whole week to get his stuff and I am dreading it but I hope he actually leaves and after that it can just be severed. Wishful thinking i''m sure

Christmas is good health and necessities for my son, clothes, socks, shoes. I survived breast cancer and money is now an issue.

health issues disappear! For 6 years now they have controlled my body mentally and physically. I just want to move with zero pain

genuine complement from my hubby for all my hard work in staying sober and working hard in the gym. And to BELIVE him.

new husbands debt paid off so we can give more help to his daughter in college

my moms Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer to go away. Can't heLP but think this could be my last Christmas with her Love you Ma.

Stress free holiday. Where my new husband and I can grow and enjoy time together without feeling pressure or guilt from either family.

Peace on earth

Pay off 15,000 debt( student loan, credit card, bills)

is a place to live with my children. Been homeless living with friends for two years, with my four boys.

want for Christmas is to finally be pregnant.....

not having to worry about money 24 hours a day.

trip to Disneyland! I''m a single mom to the most amazing 10 year old and it''s been about 6 years since we''ve been on a vacation.

higher credit score

want my kitchen finished

find love

just want my girlfriend for Xmas. She's in north east Canada and it's just getting harder

marry my boyfriend

daughter to be seizure free

want for Christmas is to get my wife pregnant. #WantingtobeaDad

they need to make an algorithm on all social media that gets rid of negitave comments

leaking roof fixed.

Christmas wish is to be debt free.

my husband to get into medical school!

want people to stop complaining about EVERYTHING!!! Stop being so sensitive!!!!

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