TEXT TOPIC: Why did you tell me that?

my father in law of 20 years told me he'd been in love with me since he met me.

BF told me her Dad was cheating on her Mom & had an STD. They are more my parents than my parents, so I was lost as to what to do w/the info. Broke my heart.

my crazy ex boss told me she showered with her sister still. She was 23, her sister was 10.

My sons 8th grade wood class teacher told the whole class that his father raped him and that when he helped his father take his last breath

my husband’s new boss asked if they could have my permission to "get it on" with my husband. First we are monogamous, 2nd.. your ugly AF, 3rd you don''t ask that.

Both of my parents have passed. Went to a cousins birthday celebration...another cousin related how his last conversation with my Mom was about an Orgy... WHAT?!!?

my sister told me she slept with a few guys in Vegas now she doesn’t know if her baby is her hubby's she’s also lds

my mom told me she is now getting disability/ssc and doesn't want to tell my other siblings because they will ask her for money. She now goes shopping all THE TIME

back in Florida, my 10th grade Spanish teacher told the class how she would smuggle illegal things from Cuba into Florida.

I do eyelash extensions for a living and for some reason everyone feels like they should tell me weird details about their life, one lady informed me that she had just had her 3rd divorce from a man so she decided she was gonna "try out" girls for a while and that her most recent girlfriend was mad at her for throwing a giant doll house at her head when she was drunk. Like it was no big deal. It was the first and last time I did her lashes.

Married 9 yrs. Friend from HS calls hub out of the blue to tell him she served her hub div papers day of our wed and that she should have married my hub. WTF

My friend told me that her ex boyfriend only has 1 testicle. Why?! WHY?!

when I was in my sophomore year my neighbor who’s about 2 years younger then me who I haven’t talked to in a couple months text me one day out of the blue. Doesn’t even start off with hi. She goes "I started my period today"

when I was a teen, my mom told me she only married my dad for a green card. I haven't looked at her the same since then.

hub's sis told us their sis&hub have no $$ and get $$ from parents and siblings. Now I cringe when they buy anything

my sister-in-law's husband told me about the night with some hookers in Wendover

brother in law married someone e so they could stay in the country they dont even live together.

My mom and dad divorced when I was really young and I grew up with both my step parents. One day I was talking with my mom about why it didn''t work out with them and she said well sexually your dad had some problems but that''s not even why it didn''t work out. My eyes bulged out of my head and I was like why would you tell me that about my dad!!!

CEO tells me he is going to fire the CTO my boss while on a business trip to park city then takes a week to do it

when grandpa was still alive he would always come over and tell us all about what girl he brought home the night before. K gramps don''t want any part of that in the head

my mother likes to tell me very explicit details about doing the deed her "partners"(many men)

mom tells me all about her marriage issues, how terrible my dad is worst part is she won't listen to how she is contributing

Out at a business lunch with my boss, he decides it''s the perfect opportunity to tell me he’s a Dom and one of the other girls in the office is his sub. Seriously WTF???

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