TEXT TOPIC: Thankful Thursday! Who do you want to thank?

Thanks to my brother and his wife, who are pregnant with twins, for letting me live with them after I finished school while I looked for a job.

I'm thankful for my sister. Her husband just deployed for the 4th time, leaving her behind with four kids out in Omaha away from her family.

And I'm thankful for good men (and women) like my brother in law who sacrifice to be the good men overseas

thanks to peggy and vicky for helping me find and buy another chevy cavalier because i totalled my blue chevy cav while on my way to friendsgiving

hi Frankie, my daughter said thank you for her birthday shout out her name is Iris-Catherine, and thanks for getting my name right Meylanni

I want to say thank you to my wife and 5 kids, they are everything to me ... thank you for making me a better person, love you !!

I want to say thank you to my Dad Robert Beckstead. He is always their when I ir anyone needs him. Also today is his birthday Happy Birthday Dad!!

thank you for not giving us a raise ... we are looking for a better opportunity.. our eyes are now open ...

I just want to tell my kids but I am so very thankful and blessed to be their mom. Thank you for blessing me with the most beautiful grandbabies. You and my grandchildren are what give me the strength to keep going on each day without you I honestly do not think that I would still be alive. I suffer from depression and just hearing your voices or seeing your faces make me happy

im so very thankful for my husband he works very hard as do i we help each other grow and are such good friends. I love him so much as the day i meant him 5 yrs ago. I’m thankful for our first child we have after trying for 4 yrs we have our lil girl she’s 2 now. I’m thankful for my loving mother growing up with just her as a single mom gave me the strength i needed to become who i am today strong independent women! I’m thankful for my kids father and his wife for giving me the wonderful life of co parenting i cant thank them enough for what they do for my girls!! Best of two families 2 moms and 2 dads. And im thankful for u guys zht for all u do. Love u guys

TY my hubby.J Marriage is hard as hell but you're worth it. TY for loving me. Because of you I'm able to embody my full potential as a creator

want to say thank you to my brother who is a police officer. He does so much and I''m so grateful to him and all the police officers who do so much for our state.

I want to thank dr Luke Jenkins at the UofU hospital. I''ve had a rare stomach problem and infection in my body, when other doctors just want to do an extreme surgery to get me better, he’s taken his time to study my issue and keep me home every night with my wife and son. I wouldn’t be here today If it wasn’t for him.

want to say thank you to my fiancee that she put up with me

I am thankful for my husband. You are amazing. Marriage is hard but you always help bring me back to what is most important, you and I. I love you.

Thanking my husband for spending 2 hours combing out the lice from our 6 year olds hair. He helped ease my stress and anxiety about it and was so kind and gentle with our daughter

Emily!!! Thank you for being the best rock ever. It's been a crazy year and you've been behind me through it all. I love you and am truly grateful for you!!

thankful for my husband and his mother who are such selfless, kind hearted people that care about others almost more than themselves. They are the rocks in my life

Thanks to my hubby Shad! He is such an amazing husband and father. We sure appreciate everything he does for our family. Love you babe

thx rehab therapist who helped save my husband and realize there is more to life than alcohol

wanna thank my friends for being there & sending me flowers while I was having a tough time & I just broke up w/ my BF of 2 + years.

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