TEXT TOPIC: How long is your commute?

my commute is 25 minutes. Live in North Salt Lake

live in Roy and work in woods Cross. It takes me 23 minutes to get to work. 22.4 miles. Going home can take me 2 hours sometimes.. grrr

drive Spanish Fork to Lehi and it takes 30-35 minutes.

South Ogden to 4700 South West Valley.. 45-1:15 min

Harrisville to Clearfield 25 minutes

commute Sandy to Draper at about 730 am. Takes about 15 minutes.

drive from Saratoga Springs to orem. It takes me anywhere from 20-40 minutes depending on traffic

drive about 100 miles a day I do hospice and home health love all of my patients I'd drive 1000 miles for them!

drive from Herriman to Draper in the morning, and it takes me about 25-30 minutes. But when I get off of work and driving home it takes me 15 minutes.

my buddy drives from delta to Spanish fork (1 hour 30 mins) for a job that only pays about $15. He leaves at 3:15 every morning

From harrisville to Clearfield (I work at Lifetime). About 25-30 minutes.

commute time is 20ish minutes. From Clinton to Layton

Murray to Salt Lake, longest 20-25 minutes of my life lol

my commute is about 15 seconds... I walk into my home office

commute: Eagle Mountain to Murray. It takes an hour most days. On no school days/holidays/light traffic only 25-30 minutes.

From ogden to layton it's about a half hour

live in timberlakes and work in Sandy so my commute is 62 miles each way

my commute to work was 1hr each way with traffic. I lived in Draper and work at the University of Utah. I now live in Murray and the commute is 45 mins each way.

My husband commutes 18 miles to work, so 36 to and from. We live in N. Ogden and he works in west Ogden. Like way, way west Ogden at Compass Minerals.

commute from Heber to Salt Valley. 50-60 minutes depending where my appts are that day! *craziness*

West Jordan around 7200 s 5600 w to south town mall about 11 miles

My fiance drives from Roy to West Valley. 45 min in good traffic. 60 to 90 min at rush hour.

drive from airport 2 all the way to downtown, shit sucks. 35 mins

Payson to West Jordan 51 miles 1 way.

drive from Brigham city to salt lake city everyday! 120 round trip

my commute is 25 min. Syracuse to south Ogden

commute from 146 south to 3300 south and 1800 east to take my daughter to and from school everyday.

South Jordan to Provo. 33 miles, 38 minutes. That freeway construction work is killer though.

commute from magna to Lehi. It takes me about 45 min depending on traffic

ommute from Fairview to Lehi along hwy 6 it's about an hour and a half long commute

drive from West valley to park city for work. It's about a 45 minute drive but it's not too bad because the view is beautiful.

commute from West Jordan ( by Jess ;) all the way to North Salt Lake/rose park... I need a plane!

My dad commutes to Detroit (Southfield) every Mon and returns Fri.

at the first of year I was driving from bluffdale to orem, a total of 27 mi. Now driving to Sojo a total of 4.3 miles. Saving that $$ honey!

My husband commutes from Orem to Ogden 4 days a week. He takes the train 2 hours each way

in 1 year I have put over 50,000 miles on my car

five minutes to work pick up my work truck 45 minutes heading south to Provo then hour and a half heading back up during rush hour

From West Have to Ogden. 10 minutes top. Thank goodness

drive from Layton to the U. Just under 30 miles, but it takes me about an hour in traffic both ways.

drive from Syracuse to bountiful each day. 20 miles and minimum 25 minutes each way. Luckily I'm in not prime rush hour or it would be longer!

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