TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that is addicted to video games?

I am addicted to video games. I'm 29 married with 4 kids &play at least 5 hrs/day. Yes I work full time!

my exhub!! Wrecked my marriage. I Named his computer Shelia spitefully and he loved her more than me divorced after 6yrs

I''m a mother of two and addicted to Fortnite. My son and I are the perfect squad goals! I draw the line when my son does the stupid fortnite dances in public lol

My little brother. He is 13 whose social skills are lacking cause of it. All he talks about is video games. Getting him to talk or do anything else is like pulling teeth. He eats, breaths, and lives video games. Worst part is my dad bought him a VR

brother in law, spent most of his paychecks on video games just trying to impress our nephew’s whose in their 20''s that he hung out the most. He always wants to be the coolest uncle. He chooses he’s video games over his GF. FYI he’s 41 years old

my husband is addicted to video games. It really becoming the demise of our marriage. Video games are first, family second

i''m a 21 year old dental assistant and yes im addicted to the video game over watch. I even have a tattoo of my favorite character! And yes I still have a life and video games do not affect me in any way besides having fun

my husband every weekend or when he has time he spents all day playing fortnite on his PlayStation. And when I was younger my two little brothers game freaks they played video games all day all night didn’t help my mom clean so one day I went over and cut the power cord to the PlayStation and made them clean and help my mom. They are older now and don’t really play as much. Id like to think i helped with that lol.

Pokemon literally causes more arguments in our marriage than anything else. Drives me absolutely crazy.

My ex-husband was so addicted to the world of war craft that he would leave our infant baby in his crib all day long while I was at work. I started to mark the babies diapers to see if they had been changed and they wouldn’t Have been changed the entire 8 1/2 to 9 hours that I was gone at work. The neighbors would complain that they could hear my baby crying all day long. I started to resent and hate him for neglecting our son. Our relationship fell apart because I could not look at him the same

BOTH my sis and bro in law are addicted to computer/phone/video games. They’ve passed on this trait to their teenage girls. Their girls are obviously neglected in many ways: hygiene, emotional, health, social. It’s sad to watch and hard to connect with them.

husband plays league of legends for atleast 2-3 hours a day

my wife plays candy crush from the time she gets off work 5:30 until bedtime after midnight it''s impossible to have a conversation with her and when I ask her to repeat herself cause when she''s playing she talks toward her phone. Then I get yelled at for not listening

BF is addicted. 27. Plays 14 hours a day. Doesn''t work. Doesn''t go to school. Frustrating as hell because I work full time and go to school and whenI get home all he wants to talk about is video games.

video games were a big reason for my divorce. Video games were more important than me and our kids.

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