TEXT TOPIC: Did you marry for money?

My aunt has been married and divorced 5 times the last one made her sign a pre-nup so she got nothing. But she’s built her fortune and empire on Her husbands'' money. She said she’s done getting married now. She is legit a multi-millionaire.

a friend married for money. Husband is now broke and hiding every financial piece of their life from her and refusing to pay any bills. They are getting divorced!

My sister married for money he’s 15 yrs older and he now has medical issues she’s hanging in there to get everything he has no kids she say he makes her sick but it’s worth the wait she’s not happy but he must be

a mom was married to my ex-stepdad for over 15yrs. She later admitted That she married him for money. She became so unhappy/depressed she had to leave

My sister married for money and completely morphed for him but not even a year into being married she left him for someone else then when she wasn’t able to keep the lifestyle up with out him she went back and the idiot took her back

it was me.. I was with a guy for 7 years, we were engaged, he made great money and spoiled me but it was incredibly lonely and I craved to be shown love

my nieces Grandma (who is very well off) said "I divorced very well (multiple times)!!

My crazy ex-sister in law left my brother to married an ugly guy who is 10 yrs older than her & has more money than my brother. She told this to her sister.

had a step grandma who married my grandpa for money and gave money to all of her kids & She finally passed away and my grandpa now has all his money and we don''t hear from her kids... imagine that.

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