TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

people if im driving my big rig slow its because i need room to stop not that i cant quit cutting in front of me

mom, why did you choose your creepy pervert husband over your own children?! Now you're moving on and hurting your grandchildren too?! I am done with you

to the crazy minivan that almost rear ended me twice, flipped me off, rode my butt and honked the entire roadway of driving, a big F U! Learn to drive

Back off Nicole... you aren't wrecking this home! He's not interested!

You never took care of us as kids because you were poor but now that you have money you shove it in our face while we are battling foreclosure.

do your makeup at home! That is worst than texting and driving

to my upstairs neighbors- what (and I cannot stress this enough) the F are you doing up there? Is that a vibrating bed? I can't sleep!

eff you to your man is who touched me when I said no

Hey fellow soccer parent do not ask my opinion regarding the soccer coach trying to get her fired. I gave it to but then you attacked me because Ididn''t agree with you. Its high school soccer not college soccer get over yourself

You don't do a very good job at hiding your phone... I found all the porn that you 'supposedly' stopped. Divorce is coming

You're a grown up with children. Get off your ass and get a job and be a man

To my one employee stop having babies so you can have excuse after excuse on missing work give it up just stay home and be a mom you''re pathetic

love how a dead beat dad can refuse to pay towards daycare and child's needs but can go buy a brand new car! Low life.

honey I love you and I know that you love me but just talking about becoming better is sometimes changing your bad habits. Also stop talking to yourexes and talking about if things are different what might have been.

To the Middle school that did not believe my daughter about being bullied and treating her like it was her fault among other wrong things. I am glad we changed schools. I hope you like hearing from UT board of education and the file we put against you.

quit saying my family doesn''t help u. Weve given you 300k dollars and you''re still homeless quit buying drugs and take care of you granddaughter! Bea f-ing adult.

husband I send you links to exactly what I want when it is on sale and give you amazon gift cards to buy it. I don''t want a last min knock off please just get me what I want

dear drivers of the freeway by the 2100 n.. the entrance is suppose to merge. So don't try to go the same speed so I can't get over. Idiots!

so you think you did your time in jail and want to claim your child ive been raising for 7 years...not gonna happen!! You’re violent and unstable. Over my dead body. Go ahead and make your plans to use the system for your new pregnancy. Leave MY girl out of your plans!!

to my big brother quit whining and complaining because the Saints loss and sending me stupid memes proving that the Cowboys cheated get over it you lost but being a whiny little baby! And you’re being very annoying! # go cowboys

To my mother in law, just because you buy everything at garage sales and thrift stores doesn''t give you the right to come to my house and point at everything and say "that looks expensive" or ask me how much I paid for every new thing you see when you come over. You wonder why I only invite you over twice a year! Hmmmm....

thanks for answering with "it's trial and error" when I asked what products you use to make shirts. It's not hard to just answer the damn question!?

You''re a 21 year old free loader. The least you could do is shovel the snow from the drive way while the rest of us are pulling 12 hour days at work. Turn off your video games and earn your keep

I''m a chick and I love that there are chick semi drivers BUT... When it is pouring rain, it does not give you license to ride every cars ass because you are a semi. Slow the F down and quit scaring the crap out of all of us little cars and trucks. We already can''t see because you''re spraying our windshields, and can''t get over because there are other cars to the side. You know who you are!

If I am the legal 3 car lengths away from the car in front of me... that's not an invite for you to get over in front of me.

Maybe you wouldn't have so many "health" problems if you'd get off your ass and do something. Anything!!

when the snow is falling and roads are covered, slow the hell down and quit cutting me off or you'll be Introduced to my plow!


If I'm giving you rides to work you really need to give me gas money. It's not my fault you don't have a car.

Hey, STOO-PID upstairs neighbors!! We do share a furnace AND water heater! Guess who has control of them? Guess who will be getting the last laugh! NOT YOU MF! NOT. YOU!

I broke up with you, had the cops there to kick you out and blocked you in every way I can, what makes you think I want to be friends, much less get back together? Get some help, you need it, but from someone else.

If you''re feeling suicidal, please get help. But don''t use that as an excuse to throw a fit when you don''t get something. You''re almost 18 get it together!

all you a-holes in the carpool lane, I wish a ticket upon you! And quit crossing the double lines! UHP time for a sting!

dear bosses who sit up in those comfy office with heaters and ask use what they can do to help!! Yeah get off your aces and come down and work and see what we do and then you’ll answer your own questions!!! And years working here no raises???

you have lied for 20+ years jackass! It's all coming around soon. Karma baby!

had a family member tell me my daughter was a spoiled brat; she's the only child and she's three! Get up off this!

You opportunistic, manipulative, selfish B. He was happy, in love & moving on with someone else. You cheated now you want to ''put your family back together''? FU

I shouldn't have to train my new boss if they have more experience than me they shouldn't need training especially when I went for the job myself

you have 2 jobs. Stop saying you don't have money for stuff and then have my brother bail you out, and then you end up going on a trip. You aren't together

to my neighbor who is I swear bipolar we''re all getting sick of your middle school drama we''re all going to be done don''t wonder why, take a look at yourself

how evil are you to go after someone's job when you know they have kids to take care of and it's out of your spite and nothing they did wrong

hey co worker, you have a bad attitude, terrible work ethic, and 99% of the time don’t know what your talking about. So when I ask someone a question just know your opinion is not welcome.

I hate that you claim you are done with her. She has done so much, physically and mentally, and yet to you still run back to her. Why!?

We were friends 4 8 yrs now u won't speak 2 me No I wouldn’t commit 2 open a fitness business w/u U weigh 300LBS U have 2 practice what U preach duh

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