TEXT TOPIC: What is your dirty little secret?

hubby and Father-in-law made our bed for wedding. Never told anyone but I hate it. don't like the style, color, it doesn't even fit actual mattress

My Husbands best friend is dying but the friend won't let me tell my husband. It's killing me to think they may not see each other again.

I'm obsessed with tweezing my eyebrows. I'll spend hours getting every little hair. For me it's therapeutic.

I am 30 years old and I still sleep with my baby blanket. The old was in bad shape my aunt made me a new one. I take it anytime I go out of town with me.

My mother in law told me she cheated on my father in law when they were married. My hubby, their son, doesn’t even know

this is my secret I used to smoke behind my parents back but now I don't

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