TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a weird Christmas tradition?

sleep outside in the yard on the 24th- usually it’s just the guys

on Christmas Day my family always goes to the gas station for hot dogs and big gulps

For the entire week before Christmas, every night the kids put their shoe in the window and the elf comes and brings a treat and puts it in the shoe

On Christmas Eve We open up our Christmas jammies and then go to a place called Hunan Village to eat then go do Chinese fire drills!

had a coworker whose family would make a birthday cake for Jesus every Christmas to celebrate his birthday

we watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on Thanksgiving after dinner. And almost every day until Xmas

My wife s family is Swedish and on Xmas eve at 10pm-ish the accordion comes out and the entire fam holds hands and parades around the neighborhood

marshmallow fights as part of the family Christmas party

the siblings secret santa the same old old old fruitcake each year one of the sibs gets it been going on for a gross 30 plus years.

we don't put names on the presents under the tree, we assign each kid a reindeer name so they can't shake presents to try and guess.

at the extended family Thanksgiving/Christmas party. We blow up pumpkins.

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