Did the DNA/Ancestry test give your family info you didn't expect?

I was led on in German my whole life... DNA is Scandinavian... thru testing found out g-father was adopted. NEVER knew that! Not an ounce of German in my DNA at all

my husband’s family believed they were part native American. It was believe that his grandma was half native American. When she did her DNA test it showed she is 0% native American. I am curious about where and why the lie started about it

moms ashamed of her Asian heritage, claimed we were part Asian AND Spanish. She was VERY adamant of our European blood. Nope! Just Asian, Sorry mom!

Great grandma was thought to be 1/2 Cherokee ... everyone thought they carried some Native American blood ..... DNA test showed NONE.

we thought my dad was half finnish half Hungarian. He got his DNA and found out he’s mostly all Hungarian, his sister is also a half sister. So his dad is not his biological dad. My dad’s 60 and he’s just finding out about it now. My husband has more finnish in him then my dad and I do

YES I CAN RELATE. My family is all adopted. We all got the DNA test for Christmas last year. I''ve been told my whole life I was Native American. I did the test and don''t have ANY Native American in me.. I was pretty upset about it

My brother-in-law thought he was German. but found out he was actually mostly Scottish. And that's how his dad learned he was adopted.

my half sister’s dad always told them they were Native American, after she did ancestry, she followed her line back to England and Scotland and some of her ancestors were royalty.

friend thought they were 100% German, they are actually Polish. Mom was secretly adopted and found out after sending in her test.

grew up thinking I was at least half Italian. Turns out I'm 0% Italian but I am 25% European Jewish....so there's that.

My entire childhood my sister and I were told we were italian. We hung out with other italian families and practiced italian culture. When I was in my teens we found out my dad changed his last name from Macius to Valentino his middle name. Few years back we took the DNA test and it was confirmed. We''re mostly from Spain and Mexican heritage with a smidge of italian.

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