TEXT TOPIC: What are you looking forward to?

going to see Elton john on his last tour next year!

Excited for Metallica tonight. Having a night a SLC with my hubby and sis.

my 3rd grandbaby

Going on my first cruise next summer. Can't wait for it to get here

started our first IVF cycle!

going to spice girls in the UK in June!!

New Zealand in March yay!!!

Excited for my trip to Puerto Rico in the next few weeks to see family and friends

were are leaving for Mexico for a three week trip in two weeks. Woohoo going to see the pyramids and ocean

excited Kyle korver is Back with the Jazz

I'm excited to see my best friend that just got back from his mission, I get to see him tomorrow!

excited for my mother in law to finally move out!!!

Going to Guatemala for Christmas. Leading a humanitarian trip. Can't wait!!

so excited, tomorrow is my wife and i 18th wedding anniversary. Nothing but planned just a weekend with her at home being lazy. I love you alisha

Looking forward to the Disturbed concert in Jan!!!

can't wait until my husband gets his work BONUS because we are broke

Excited for the PAC 12 Championship game tonight. Go Utes!

Going to see Whitney Cummings at wise guys tomorrow!!!

go to Guatemala in March for medical volunteer trip

excited for Rodney Carrington tomorrow night in Wendover with a bunch of friends

after planning for almost 2 years my whole family is going on a Mexican Riviera cruise in two weeks

bought my first car last year and it will be paid off in a couple of months .

have a week long vacation to Ireland with my girlfriend booked for the end of January. We are soooo excited!

can't wait to find out the gender of our baby on Saturday!!

trip to San diego at the end of December

getting married in a week to the most amazing man!! Yay!!

my birthday on Tuesday

my oldest is getting married today!!!

My husband and I are going to a seahawk game all-expenses-paid were crazy seahawk fans

I''m so excited to meet our baby girl one more month left! our due date is January 1st and I''m so anxious!

leaving today for Dubai meeting my brother there who has been deployed for a few months

the guy ive been seeing/talking to since May is flying in on Wednesday. I havent seen him since July 29

Been in the process of coming out for most of this year. Just signed a lease yesterday and moving in with my boyfriend.

going to Mexico in 8 days. All inclusive resort. Merry Christmas to me

getting ready to graduate with 2nd associate degree in 2 weeks! I will officially be 1 year out from my bachelor's after that!

10 day cruise for Xmas whoot whoot!

my baby sister is flying in for Christmas and I'm so excited. She's my absolute best friend in the whole world! Going to tackle her in the airport

Really hoping to finish this semester today! One more semester for FOREVER!!! Stay in school kids.

I'm looking forward to my anniversary getaway in January with my hubby. Going to the anniversary inn, awwwe yea!

Metallic TONIGHT!!!

Living my best "2nd" life, after being a widow, closing on Monday on our new house with my amazing boyfriend.

I'm excited for a vacation to France in June -- ALL EXPENSES PAID!!!

College Football Bowl Selection Sunday!!! Go Irish!!!!

Going to Disneyland for three days a week from Monday! So excited to have a break from work

looking forward to a surprise cruise that I am taking my kids on for Christmas.

I'm excited for my best friend to move from Vernal to where I am which is Logan.

husband and I were told that we would possibly never be able to have children we found out that we are expecting our second child and that it''s going to be a boy

I'm the gal who went to Vegas last month to meet up with other singles. I ended up hooking up with my crush & I'm flying out to see him next month.

picking up my engagement ring today.

i'm excited to go to the Smash Room next week for my birthday. Time to relieve some anger.

West Caribbean Cruise on April 28th

I'm excited to see my family members coming from Africa for my wedding haven't see them since I was 8

my four girlfriends and I just booked a girls trip to California over my birthday. I'm totally stoked and March to get here soon enough!!!!!

Metallica concert tonight! Bucket list check!

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