TEXT TOPIC: Did you work with a celeb that acted like a jerk?

My dad drove Drew Barrymore and she was so rude he pulled over and told her to get out of his car. The next day she apologize.

Husband’s aunt wrote for Hart of Dixie and couldn’t stand Rachel Bilson! She kept saying that it took her take after take to get the proper emotions and that she isn’t a great actress.

Worked couple concerts for Korn. He's an AAAAA Hole!! Not only 2 the stage crew but in restaurants he/band are worse jerks! No tip for $100s tabs

Cousin in law worked on the HS musical set. Zac efron would cuss people out for wrong coffee orders and cry when he was frustrated.

Josh Groban is so egotistical and a total jerk

311 are all a holes. Used to work at a bar and they ordered $500 worth of booze, only tipped $5

worked in the restaurant industry. Vince Vaughn came in and was a diva and douche bag

I work with lots of artist during Sundance but the worst group I have ever worked with is OKGO! OKGO F&$K yourself! Meanest band ever

Frankie and Jess

Frankie and Jess

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