TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that works in entertainment?

my cousin used to be Mel Brooks assistant and her husband used to be a backup dancer for Janet Jackson as well as her manager.

my great uncle used to be the editor of a major "adult" magazine

my godfather was a producer for the lion king

my uncle is the lead guitarist of great white

my uncle made the puppets for the crank Yankers show that was on Comedy Central and SNL. Also helped with the SNL costumes

my bro in law writes for famous shows. He''s written for Jimmy Kimmel, Single Parents, Kimmy Schmidt, etc. he''s supposedly working on a big project now but he has to keep it on the DL.

My grandpas uncle Leigh Harline won 2 oscars,1 for writing entire disneys Pinocchio score & other for best song when u wish upon a star, disney theme song

my bro in law works for DreamWorks and has a show he created premiering on Netflix next year! He is also besties with Neapolian Dynamite aka John Heder. :)

My great uncle had his own show on WXYZ radio Way back in the day played orchestra stuff

My sister tried acting for a half second. She was in the TV movie detention with Ricky Schroeder that was filmed around 97 at the old Jordan HS before they tore in down.

My great grandmother was a seamstress for the Osmonds.

My husband is a producer for ByuTV

husbands cousin is a pro dancer on Dancing with the stars. There are few dancers from Utah that are Pros on the show.

my mom-in-law had a cousin that did hair and make up for some big Hollywood stars, and her son was Coach Bolton on High school musical.

Cousin was in avengers as Chris Pratt's stunt double In the new creed movie too

my great uncle worked on the set of the Roy Rogers show

My niece was Amanda Bynes understudy for her TV show

My 1st cousin is Gary Lopez. Lives in Cali, Actor/ Producer for over 25 films/movies! Co-stars along side Danny Trejo in the majority of his films/great friends!

my uncle was a set builder for Criminal Minds. He's been to Shemar Moore's house for parties.

My wife's grandpa was a stage hand at several studios in Hollywood. Her Aunt and Uncle also perform regularly at the U and at Hale.

my older brother is a sports caster for BYU, Jason Shepherd. Super proud of him even though I'm a Utah fan

my grandpa's cousin is Peter Frampton.

my husband''s 3rd cousin is Angelina Jolie. Insane and no we don''t talk. #teambrad

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