TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that pops in unannounced?

my ma she always comes unannounced. My sis has changed her apt door lock and left note on door and she still doesn't get hint. Boundaries hello

I am the person especially when I was pregnant even in the middle of the night I will just show up at my parents house when I can't sleep.

After we had our baby, some family would show up and ring the doorbell. It took them showing up unannounced twice in a row and not even being able to see the baby because we had just gotten her to sleep to stop doing it! Ugh!

our estranged grandfather from back east would show up at our home in very rural Utah because he "was in the neighborhood". Nobodies in that neighborhood without trying.

my mother in law. She's totally famous for it! She'll pop in and pick me up to go shopping. But she's my best friend so I don't mind most of the time!

I pop in to my Gma's all the time

Majority of my family. It''s a battle. Me VS them. #notwinning

my father in law does this all the time. He'll call my hubs and say he's at our house. We're at work every time

I know someone whose mom came when they weren't home and PAINTED THEIR WALLS without asking them.

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