TEXT TOPIC: Who shamed you and what for?

shame I am 26 And I''ve been married for five years. Every time I go shopping with my three kids ages 4, 2, and 8 months Someone makes a comment about how sad my situation is and how I should have my groceries delivered. My kids are pretty well behaved!

young dude shamed me 4 smoking. I know! Said back:I dont poop with my phone u fecal disaster. Wash yourself and phone!

I get shamed passively at church for not forcing my kids to go to church. I'm not going to take away their agency.

My new eye dr said WOW you re really blind !! Thanks jerk that''s why I''m here!!!

at Thanksgiving I invited my new boyfriend and my nephew said "How many boyfriends have you had?" I'm 40.

I get shamed by the whole world because apparently I suck at putting gas in my car

we tried to save some money and gave our dog a haircut and cut her leg a little. When we took her to the vet we got a shaming earful.

I''ve been slut shamed most of my life even though i''ve had two monogamous partners. I think it''s because of my body tight. And curvy and I was voluptuous in high school & People just assumed that''s what I wanted I guess.

went to a BBQ place & asked for extra cups for sauce to go. The owner lectured me on how much sauce I had. He told me I had over 12 oz of sauce and that''s A LOT. It''s the most expensive item they make. I felt so much sauce shame.

I shamed my husband about eating a donut he was so excited about. He wouldn't touch it after I did. I felt terrible.

Older coworkers try to shame us for being 40 and having our first child. 5 years in waiting #ivfrocks

I''m 30weeks pregnant last week my friends hubby loudly asked me "ANOTHER ONE!?" This is my second pregnancy

took my 7 yo daughter to chop off her hair. She had gotten into a bad habit of complaining when I styled it, so I took her to cut it off and donate it to someone who needed it. She was nervous, and the stylist told me what I was doing was wrong and that my child liking her haircut was more important than being able to donate it. She cut it longer than I asked and later my daughter told me she wished it was shorter! I went and asked for my $ back

My husbands great grandmother is in her 90s made it known that she nursed all of her babies as I was giving my baby a bottle of pumped milk so that she wouldn''t be fussy for her while she held her. It was too hard to explain that I had pump the milk out where she''s in her 90s. Ha ha I just went with it

I get adoption shamed monthly "Why don''t you just adopt? There''s lots of kids that need homes" I don''t have $30-$50k laying around

my aunt kept telling me that I need to go to the gym with my husband because according to her and her husband working out is sexy and apparently I'm not

get shamed daily for being a working mother. I have a 4,3 and 9 month old. And my bachelors degree... got that degree for a reason :)

I'm 36 have a 7 and 3 year old with long time boyfriend of 11 years. I'm asked all the time why I have kids and not married

my mother in law told me in front of my son that I was a "mean mom" because I told my kids if they give me all their Halloween candy I would give them a toy.

I have an auto immune disease and have days where I feel like I can't get out of bed. My sister just said that if I get up and move I'll have more energy.

Shamed for having all boys, 5 of them, as if I had a choice. "You really need to have a girl" "Don't you feel alone in a house w/so much testosterone"?

shamed my hubs last night for breathing heavily after walking up 1 flight of stairs. I feel bad

a family member shamed us for "not inviting" her and my cousin to our house for thanksgiving by texting other family members making us seem like assholes. SHE WAS invited through her parent in laws. We can''t text every single cousin, we invite everyone through their parents and it''s always been that way!

I get shamed for my kids living in an apartment and not a house with a yard but I get shamed for going to school and not staying home with my kids. Ican''t win people!

shamed for having a long engagement. We saved to send quite a big group to Europe for our wedding.

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