TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

if you are freaking contagious stay your freaking ass home, nobody wants to catch your nasty ass bugs!

it was fun swinging with you guys but if you cant accept our kid comes before you then the adults play dates are over!

ATTENTION ALL UTAH DRIVERS! PUT YOUR DAMN PHONE DOWN AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE EXIT ONLY LANES ON I-15! I''m tired of you switching lanes to skip traffic then switching back because you weren''t paying attention!

U don''t need 2 call me & say u know I need help caring 4 Dad & then say u r calling 2 tell me u won''t b helping. It''s obvious when u haven''t lifted a finger #DUH!!

you need to take our 12 yr old sons advice "dad really needs to get his life together huh". This makes it what, 3 times now you've been arrested and taken

Im happy to give u ride in my car but dont smoke before u get in! i have to drive with window open to air out your cigarette stench while my face freezes!

when you think you haven''t been caught doing what I feel is grounds for termination, and you freaking get a raise over it. Yeah I dont like you much. Fyi this is my boss. Grrrrr

If you tip the pizza guy for delivering your pizza then you should tip your movers for move in your whole house

When I break up with you and tell you to move out, saying i''m sleeping with everyone because I didn''t respond to your 20 texts when I fell asleep doesn''t exactly make me want to be nice and let you stay until you find a place

Dear management, y'all suck. You have all these hard working ppl that you are passing up for promotions. How are we supposed to get experience?

Wife, I understand you want to spoil the kids for Christmas but $350 a kid is a little extreme. Especially having $200 dollars in exchange gifts between our two families. I love you but the kids are only 7 & 3 and I don''t want to start the year in more debt.

sorry they went w an outside hire for the mgr position. But you need to watch your attitude or I'm gonna let you go.

you want to push me away and breakup after ur dad passed, I''m supposed 2 be ur support. I didn''t run when you got your DUI I didn''t even get mad, I even have a kid! And I said we would get thru this. Man up!

you seriously expect praise for doing half assed work around the house? News flash the real world doesn''t praise you for doing mundane shiz. I work way harder then you. So get off your ass and start actually doing stuff. Maybe then I''ll praise you

my brother-in-law got caught up with a girl that was a minor and it caused a lot of tension in the family he is still with her she just barely turned18 and every time I see her I want to let her know what a disgusting little punk ass bitch she is she does not allow him to see his niece and is very controlling just patiently waiting for that relationship to end so our family can get back to normal

Stop complaining about how your job sucks and low wage you are getting. You should be greatful you have a job!

To whom it may concern: if you think you got hemorrhoids from sitting on an uncovered public toilet, please come see me at my clinic. Those bumps aren''t hemorrhoids!

To the person using my photos in a plenty of fish account and giving people my address, I'm trying to find you!

yes I conceal carry my gun, no it's not illegal, so don't call the police next time you see that on the side of my hip. Know your laws!!!!

So glad I had Thanksgiving somewhere else so I could have more than 3 small pieces of Turkey.

We’ve been divorced 2 years. STOP calling me daily, texting me and asking me to get back together. You legit have 4 hoes already... just like when we were married. You don’t control me anymore and never will

if you’d stop threatening your 7yr maybe id let you see him

Just because you are jealous & insecure doesn't mean you need to call CPS to have our handicapped daughter lie about things you made up!

You are 41 years old it's time to stop letting your mom dictate how you live your life and raise your children--No one is going to want to date you if you continue to let your mom tell you you can't go on dates at 41 years old

you're the lead, train your employees and answer the phones. Quit pawning your workload on others so you can watch sports.

You are a little sister & u act like the biggest ass. The only reason anyone deals with you right now is because you''re getting married. Stop acting like a brat & making little jabs. Its not cute!

dear roommate our landlord doesn't let us use the garage so you can store your mom's food storage there

get a job and get medication for for your bipolar don't put holes in my wall

I am not this horrible person you have made me out to be. Please STFU.

grow up and be a better mom before you try coming at me. Your kids are only a paycheck to you. Give them to us full time, they''d have a better life and actually see us.

men you can aim when you pee so stop peeing on the floor

Your son had an affair, then forced separation months later to be with her and you still think he left because of me? Better, you think it''s his choice to come back. Thank you for thinking so highly of me

if you''re gonna actually believe we didn''t invite you to thanksgiving, you''re the problem. Maybe be an adult and ask before assuming. Stop trying tomake us out to be bad people all we''ve done is love you and your kids and our cousin you married. Be an adult!

Glad I have always been here for you, but when I just want to talk and have a real friend I don't even get a response! # ghostedbymybestie

Put some shoes and socks on your babies... you're in a coat and bundled in winter but your child is freezing. Get it together

hey boss, I'm tired of doing all of your work for you while your just at home avoiding work and going to 6 vacations in the year.

I'm going to make someones life hell for being a whore! Any reception ladies at hotels need to not eff with the wrong woman!

roundabouts aren’t a free-for- all, people! You don’t just go as fast as you can behind the car in front of you. It’s called yielding for others to have the chance to go also. Ugh! Read up on it. It’s a thing!

You can take your new family on a trip to Hawaii but you can't pay your child support?

Dear neighbor quit trying so hard to "fit in" maybe if you would mind you own damn business and quit creating drama we would like you more.

if your girlfriend is important, you'd make time to talk to her! You ungrateful ass!!

Hey Dumb-Dumbs! You see that sign in my hand that spells the word S-T-O-P yea that means STOP away from the cross walk and do not rush me or the kids. Find an alt route if you can t be patient. #pissmeoff&youhavetowait #yourneighborhoodcrossingguard

Don't complain that your poor and have no money, yet you take a spontaneous trip.

to my HR department and payroll, thanks for shorting my paycheck twice and not paying my correct pay when I got my raise I was excited until u didn''t pay it to me twice and to be told oh don''t worry we will retro your pay. That''s don''t pay the bills

I'm just the girlfriend.. not the wife. Maybe you should step up your game and appreciate me more

You're almost 40, and it's sad that you seek attention on social media. Stop posting things that you know will make people worry for no reason

People! Stop parking like jackasses!! There are painted lines in a parking lot for a reason. It''s not a contest to see how close you can get to the line or how many spots you can take up. Think of how a grown-up would park and do that!

hey A holes get your ID out this is a freaking bank! I don't care you've been banking here since 1920!!!

stop sleeping with your boss. Everyone knows. It's gross.

to my ex I'm so glad now that we are over u decide to treat me like I'm beautiful I no longer need to hear that from u I feel more beautiful without u but

hey if you want to make this marriage work stop telling my parents and all your friends what we talk about in counciling. Your doing a better job at making sure this doesn t work out. Only makingme want to leave even more.

To the baby mama you have completely lost your mind. You think that you were untouchable?! You may have been able to screw us w our son, but it ain''tgoing to happen with your soon to be ex. We''re all in cahoots and I''m the president of your hater club. We''re coming for you. Get ready hooker. Carma isuuggllyyy. Drink up princess and continue going to the bars in the afternoon .

We are friends with benefits. I''m not a girlfriend to you so stop asking me to borrow money!! But even if I was your girl you shouldn''t be asking meanyway. Stop living a Champagne life on your Shasta budget!

I hate that you are not organized. Structure is great with the job we do and you are so unstructured.

some little kids refuse to wear socks and shoes no matter how often you keep putting them back on. Dont judge parents, you dont know their story.

Just cuz I'm the oldest doesn't mean taking care of our parents is only my job. I live farther away and also have a family of my own. Step up!!

If i don''t want to get off the car to say Hi it''s because I Freakin hate you guys as my in laws! You Want to act all nice as if you like me but talkso much $#!+ behind my back!! Hell no! I don''t play those games! So please f*** off and stop pretending you 2face fake a**

don't ask me to do something and then go and do it 5 minutes later

thank you for leaving us homeless for a few days cause you can''t compromise & throwing a fit when you didn''t get your way. Acting like a toddler when you a grown ass adult

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