TEXT TOPIC: What drama went down at Thanksgiving?

we were having trouble getting my moms side of the family all together on Thanksgiving day so we scheduled it for the following Saturday. My mom lost her poop. she got drunk and texted everyone she felt betrayed then texted my husbands mom and yelled her, she had nothing to do with the situation.

my sister in law came out saying she was transgender my Mormon family could not comprehend my sister wanting to stay with her. Love is love not something you can throw away

apparently my mother likes to smoke the weed. She was outside getting high with my younger cousin and his girlfriend. She made sure everyone knew too. Classy mom.. classy

my uncles had a major fight at our turkey bowl in front of all the grandkids. All over the fact that one invited his wife's family to play with us. Ugh.

my kids and I drove all the way up to Twin Falls Idaho on Friday to visit my mother and we were there a few hours and then she wanted to go to the bar I almost packed us and came home right then ! RIDICULOUS

my soon to be ex husband was crazy stalking me, broke into my house, threatened to kidnap our kids and all sorts of drama - all while I had a double ear infection and tonsil stones

Uncle's friend comes to dinner every year. This year he had a few too many and FELL OVER the dinning room table!

Cop car pulled up in front of the house on Thurs, a dog got hit and ran into our yard and we didn't know, dog was ok luckily

My 17 yo son decided to pick a fight with me on Thanksgiving. I'm a black belt. He lost.

during friendsgiving my friend admitted she had a crush on me(straight female)&told me she broke up w/ her GF because of it, then kissed me!

I know a guy, after dinner younger brother stopped by, walked in on guy and his mom going at it. Incest at its finest, family destroyed

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