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Starting my new job today. Associate Attorney with a downtown law firm.

tell me something good I worked the tech crew @ the Utes game. BEST sport event I have EVER worked. Can't wait 2hang out w/the hot camera tech guy this week

We get to see my son graduate from Navy boot camp on Friday! GO NAVY!

So excited for this coming weekend!! Going to the PAC 12 Championship to watch the Utes play!

after almost 7 years of working nights, I start a new job today working normal people hours.

my son who's in the Navy surprised us and came home on Thanksgiving and gets to stay through the holidays.

The Utes beat BYU in one of the best comebacks ever and play in their first PAC12 Championship this week!!!

So excited to start my new job next week! Last week in hell! YES!!!!!

my husband went to see his family for Thanksgiving in Virginia. I am alone for another week!!!!!! I LOVE BEING ALONE!

surprising my hubby with Lindsey Stirling tickets for tonight's show!

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