TEXT TOPIC: Do you use filters on your pics?

I use filters because I have horrible dark circles and puffy eyes and it's a way to hide them

I''m the filter person , I dont retouch and make it look fake but I do use filters all the time on my photos because I hate the way I look . I don’t even smile in most of my photos

my niece is horrible. She is a photoshop nightmare. She posts a selfie every day on social media then hashtags her own photo "#allnatual she's so dumb!!!

mom 2 me & my siblings - thin our noses, face, enlarge eyes,etc. never looked like our true selves. She wanted my wedding pics 2 edit them.YA, NO!

My friends are beautiful & I found out that they edit all of their photos for IG. They edit their eye color to seem brighter & sparkle, make their faces slimmer, & boobs bigger. It makes me sad they feel like they have to do that.

my brother. He stares at a bright light take the pic and then he will turn the brightness and then blur the pic as well so you literally can''t see his nose or anything

when I was a teenager I used to shrink my nose with photoshop.. it was so bad. I have since accepted my nose and stopped the terrible looking adjustments lol

Hubby, loves to cropped his face from another pic & blend it with the new pic. Funny thing is the result looks perfect. FYI, he's a graphic web design.

Snapchat filters. I have acne and it makes it all mostly go away!

tried it in my face, but my neck wrinkles gave it away hahaha

At Disneyland in line & watched a girl edit her photo for 45 minutes! She changed the size of her arms, butt, stomach, the filter, etc. it made me sad!

I have friends from high school that do that. Hashtag it all natural...girl, please. Stahhhp. I'll send a pic

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