TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in professions - Free for all!

I work for a certain church. You'd be amazed how many man hours are wasted on a superfluous amounts of meetings and chit chat. It drives me bonkers!!!

work at the prison everyone sleeps together married or not so many marriages have been destroyed I lost my husband because of it but can't stop--cont. work at prison I'm with the guy I cheated on my husband and I'm cheating on my boyfriend with his co workers #cantstop

home inspector. It is crazy how many times I see porn or adult toys in houses. My favorite is finding hidden alcohol in the homes that have a ton of mormon artwork.

Your garbage service isn't paid from your taxes when you live in SLC it comes from the fees you pay for the cans.

I do pest control. We can literally spray a house inside and out in 15 minuets correctly. We usually try to be in the job for 30.(I''ll play on my phone in the basement to kill time)

HR/Recruiting: My jobs turning me into a cougar: sometimes I''m actually INTERESTED - Recently a 20 year old caught my eye...if I don''t hire him I''m going to text him for that D

garbage man. And yes if I get any complaints about not showing up I make sure they know I am there at 4 am

FedEx driver. Ever since that video of a guy throwing a TV over a fence FedEx is very conscious about mistreating packages. Five guys were fired last year for mishandling packages.

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