TEXT TOPIC: Who is the person in the family that likes to OVER share?

My dad over shares. Just two days ago he told me and my wife how the toilet water goes really high when u flush it and it gets his boys wet when he is sitting down. WTF.

my uncle. If someone says hi to him at the grocery store they will get an ear full all about his hurt shoulder money anything really for as long as they will listen

my brother and his wife. If we tell them anything you might as well put it on a billboard cause the world will know in the matter of a few hours

I’m the one who shares to much in the family. My family is very quiet and doesn’t like to say much to one another so I try and share more to open them up to feel more comfortable to discuss anything with each other! :)

Guilty! Want to hear about my daughters poop? Or how long it's been since I've washed my hair? I'll tell you regardless if you want to know or not

My sister. There is certain times of the month that I dont need the details on

My entire in law side of the family... from bedroom adventures to health problems. Absolutely nothing is safe with them. Its public knowledge.

my niece overshares everything, that girl cant hold water.

My dad shares the story of how he and mom got frisky one day in the middle of it all, he heard a flock of geese going over the house, he stopped everything ran to the window so he could see the geese

Baby sis at 18 telling me how many orgasms she had in one session, hard time looking at her for a while! And jealous. LMAO!

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