TEXT TOPIC: What was your first concert?

My first concert was Tran Siberian Orchestra 4 year ago!!!!!

first concert was REM. they sucked!

Will Ford, Mandy Moore and Smash mouth. Coolest ever. Met Frankie. Had backstage passes.

Backstreet boys was my first concert

Def Lepoard 1992.

89 I was 8, I begged my older brother to take me to White Snake. He totally did. Coolest older brother ever!!

my first concert was Bon Jovi''s slippery when wet tour when I was a 9 YO. I cried and wanted to leave cause everyone around us was smoking pot. Now I smoke pot all day

my first concert was 311 with Jimmys chicken shack at Saltair. I drank way too much and learned a valuable lesson that day.

Boyz 2 Men in 1997. We were 12 and my friends mom covered her eyes when Next performed Too Close.

my first concert was The Jets

my first concert was No Doubt! So amazing Gwen said the F word and I was afraid my mom Would make me stop listening to them, being I was in 7th gr.

first concert George Strait 1995 Faith Hill opened for him

my first concert was Boyz II Men. Opening act was KC & Jojo

first concert Backstreet Boys when I was early 15 at the Delta Center first time they came here

Usher and boyz 2 men

my first concert, def lepard couple years ago usana theater. And I'm 44

My first concert was Backstreet Boys when I was 5!

Bangles!!! Still love them!

First concert was Paula Abdul at the salt palace

Boxcar Willie when I was 10

First and only concert was Good Charlotte and New Found Glory

my first concert was Rush. I was 13 and my mom and dad took me. My dads favorite band is Rush and I have been multiple times to their concerts

won tickets on the radio to the county fair in Ohio to see Rascal Flatts in 2000. I was 12.

first concert was foo fighters at the Winter Olympics and bare naked ladies.

First concert was The Cheetah Girls.. I was 8. I loveeeeddd them.

y hubby's first concert was the Beach Boys with his mom and brother.

my first concert was when I won tickets from y'all to Kelly Clarkson and Imagine Dragons opened for her at UVU, UVSC at the time

Shaun Cassidy.

My first concert was New Kids on the Block in NYC. I helped with radio promo for Z100 when I was 12 and they gave me tickets. I didn't know who NKTB were.

OMG Jess... my first concert was also Tiffany at the Salt Palace!! Im a little older im 45..

JOHN MAYER!!! He was totally wasted but it was SO good!!

First concert- Billy Squier (Everybody wants you) with Cheap Trick

lived in Wyoming and drove to Casper to go see Air Supply when I was 13 that was my first concert

Tiffany at the salt palace when I was 13

Chicago was my first concert! Fantastic show!

1998. Garth brooks. My favorite concert of all time!

Janet Jackson

first concert Reba. I was 10. I didn't attend my next concert until i was 27

My first concert was at 37 years old. Imagine Dragons

Bruno Mars at the Maverick Center about 5 years ago. It was for my 23rd bday!

first concert was mac miller on 25th street in Ogden. Saw him after the show and he blew me a kiss

saw 3-11 at a free concert in Omaha back in 2004 I was 22.

Hilary Duff, even got to meet her backstage and she was a bitch

First concert was Elton John when I was 10 in 1996. Seen him 3 more times since then.

Ozzy, slaughter and ugly kid joe in 1992. I think it may have been the first no more tours for ozzy!

Neil Diamond

Janet Jackson 7th grade. With brother and strange group of neighbors. Basically whoever could get their parents to say yes

my first concert was the scorpions at the Concord pavilion for my 15th birthday

my first concert was America , it was awesome.

first concert was N'Sync (no strings attached) at the delta center. I was 7 or 8

My first concert was Brittany Spears "oops I did it again" and I'm pretty sure Aaron Carter opened up for her.

hellogoodbye me and my cousin were so little and got nocked to the ground and stepped on by all all the adults. Super scary.

First concert was Leann Womack/Reba McIntire/George Strait when they came to the Energy Solutions Arena in 2011

my first concert was Prince at the E center I was 9

My first concert was The Spice Girls. I was 11 yrs old. I cried the entire time because I was so happy. I just recently bought tickets to their reunion tour in England. I will probably cry the whole time like I did when I was 11 Haha

BeeGees (yes I'm old>#)

My first concert Ricky Martin!

TSO last night

My first concert was Train at the 2002 Olympics! I was 15. Pat Monohan held my hand. It sparked my LOVE for live music. I've been to dozens of concerts now.

Mine was Iron Butterfly at the Salt Palace!! Went on a date. Hated the music! Loud and dumb!

1st concert was Alainis Morrisette at the E-center

Tanya Tucker

Earth Wind and Fire with my parents at the county fair

Ted Nugent

first concert was The Monkees in the Fabulous and New Salt Palace in Salt Lake I was 13

VanHalen in 1984 at Salt Palace

my first concert was the Eagles

Frankie and Jess

Frankie and Jess

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