TEXT TOPIC: What question are you dreading during Thanksgiving dinner?

The question I'm dreading is "Where's Dallas?" I recently broke up with my boyfriend

when you getting sealed in the temple? Ummmmm we're not

never fails every family event my parents or drunk uncles and aunts ask when I'm getting married I'm 30 and gay and it's annoying lol

when are you going to have a kid why don't you look into adoption what about Ivf

I dread my mother in law asking me why I don't like my sister in law and then I i will have to tell her she is a liar and cheater !!!!

Is my wife pregnant yet? Get that question year from the in laws.

asking about my baby and when i will have him. Because he was diagnosed with a lethal diagnosis. I don't want to cry through all the holidays.

Are you dating anyone?

when are you going to have kids?" Well I'm three months pregnant but I ain't about to tell people yet.

my husband and I are dreading the same questions we''ve been asked the past 6 months... when are you having kids? That''s right we''ve only need married6 months and I know that will be the main question we are asked tomorrow

Dreading friends and family ask about my brand new, shiny divorce. I'm in a better place and DONT want to talk about it!

afraid to be asked where is your boyfriend, we just broke up last week

my girlfriend died exactly a year ago and I''m just dreading all the repeat questions I have answered over and over I miss her and I hate this time of the year now

when are you getting married? My boyfriend and I have been together a year and everyone else is ready for a wedding, but we're just enjoying being together

how is the divorce coming?

When are you gonna have another baby?

When are you having kids? We have been trying for almost 3 years and I suffer from infertility. The question gets old and makes me wanna cry every time.

after 4 thxgvg together, where's your boyfriend? We broke up but are trying to work things out but not together right now yikes

how is school going? I'm in nursing school and finals are next week. I'm obviously stressed out and miserable

How is your divorce going? My hubby and I have been on and off for the last year and now we are officially calling it quits and I get asked about itall the time.

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