TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive Text?

sometimes I wonder if I should be the better person or blast the truth all over social media to combat your lies playing victim!

not passive aggressive but black Friday doesn't mean back tuesday or black October! Stop taking the fun out of it retailers!

your supposed to be the office manager/supervisor but you are the worst employee here. You are so entitled and do less work than anyone. Your a horrible example to the other employees. You treat everyone like crap, so disrespectful and take advantage of the fact that the boss needs you. Grr!

want to know why I dont want to marry you? It's simple. Stop cheating on me, watching porn when you know how much it hurts me and lying to me about it.

if 3 managers have quit under you and you have only been at the job for 2 months maybe you should look in the mirror

STOP asking the church to pay for everything and claiming poverty. You live in a house that''s too big, YOU CANT TAKE CARE OF IT, and stop going on vacations when you again, are asking the church to take care of you. They owe you nothing!

you call yourself friend, but get mad cause I get a new car. Now you hope I crash in my car with my loved ones. God don''t ugly my friend. You will always be stuck where you are. Having nothing. Unlike you I wish you the best.

to the lady who lost her shiz on me at Walmart last night, happy holidays! I hope today is better and thank you for the good laugh. I needed it!

If you''re really struggling with money that much that you have to sell your house, let your other family members actually provide the Thanksgiving that they''ve already bought, instead of having to still take it over and hold it at your house

our PTo is there for a reason, TO USE IT. It's okay I'm taking Friday off using my PTO! Use yours you would probably like your job better if you took your

thank you for doing the dishes and I know there were a lot but the three hour nap you took cancelled that out. So thanks for making me make dinner after a 9 hour shift at work. Hope you enjoy another day off while I''m at work again.

just because you hate me for "ruining" your perfect Mormon family. Doesn't mean you have to treat your daughter like crap!!

hey inlaws let your son help cook thanksgiving, he is a chef and he is amazing! #mymancancook

you hardly talk to me anymore yet you get angry when I don't show up to your thanksgiving dinner--besides your cooking is horrible I'm surprised my brother in law is still alive with your food #feduplilbrother

who the hell do you think you are? Mom is NOT missing the wedding to watch your kids. Lazy witch! Take care of your own kids.

Someone (me) finally called you on your shiz and you don't like it? Shucks. It sucks to be a B!

don't Sabotage my new exercise and healthy eating plans because you aren't sticking to our diet and workouts! Stop making me feel guilty for being excited

I've only been in this job 7weeks, i cant know every detail about the organization! Cut me some slack &talk to me b4 complaining to my boss!

2the jerk behind me in line4the nurse in Ogden,i can take as much time as i want telling her bout my best friends funeral. u can wait

you mean B word just cuz you dont speak to your child and grandkids dont be pissed because I do

To all the parents of my students, it takes 5-10 minutes to work with your kid! Do it, it's not that hard and will help so much!

to the lady who yelled at me for carrying my firearm in Wal-Mart yesterday I'm in the police academy thanks for calling the cops we had a great time talking

To the girl standing up my friend and co worker. You're a butt hole. You're making my day horrible having to listen to him complaining

Vacation budding is a joke when you can never get the ONE day off because your coworker refuses to be flexible and your manager says, let''s not make waves. Seniority plays a role but come on, just asking for ONE DAY to spend with my family. #mymanagerplaysfavorites #managerneedstoretirealready

She''s your 18 yr old sister, not your mom! She doesn''t get to dictate what you do, who you see, or where you spend your holidays. Grow a pair, tell her no, and come spend time w your real mom!

you''re 28 years old couldn''t follow the rules at home so was asked to move out now you live with Grandma letting her pay all the bills and then you have the nerve to call us and tell us that we cannot see our granddaughter because we don''t pay child support better look in the mirror on that one before you can judge on who can see her or not quit being a deadbeat

dear pill seekers, yes the pharmacy is closed on Thanksgiving, believe it or not we want to be with our family, not our pills!!

you got fired yesterday and the rest of us went out last night to celebrate. We are so glad to not smell your B.O. anymore.

Dear husband, Please at least tell me before you invite people over for thanksgiving. #hispanicsknownoboundries #interracialmarriage

to my mom.... your attitude lately has been rubbing me the wrong way. Your negative attitude and you turning everything into about you. You wonder why we get snippy with you. Turn your attitude around!

it shouldn't take 2wks to finish our kitchen. Me alone chasin 2 kids will take 2wks. If you get off your lazy ass & help we should have it done in 3-4dys.

of course u don''t know about my miscarriage. U cried when I talked about moving and how perfect my house is 4 me. You''re unstable, stop living your life through others. I can''t help u, there is no 3rd party in my marriage- boot out

Listen, I get ur husband served a mission with my hubby but we don''t like hanging out with you! We have nothing in common! LEAVE US ALONE!!

to the stupid teen that rear ended us you're lucky that my 9m old wasn't hurt & that my hubby was there to hold mama bear back. Pay attention!

Stop complaining about not having money, then going and spending what little you do have on stupid stuff! Save it!!!

you act like the perfect couple on Facebook and you both are miserable. He's a liar and cheater. So fake. Karma

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