TEXT TOPIC: What is your DLS??? Dirty Little Secret :)

I secretly hate the holidays. Especially now that I have to try to make it to 2 families every holiday. Having to constantly be somewhere takes the joy out of the holidays.

i fake orgasms with my husband then go solo when he falls asleep to actually get off.

I'm only staying with my boyfriend until I finish school because I can't afford to live on my own but I desperately want out of the relationship #stuck

I make extra money performing in gay adult films. I'm married, with kids and go to church.

I make money by pretending to be a girl online and getting guys to pay for.... pictures of me.

I cheated on my then boyfriend with a married man. Now we are both going through the process of separation with our significant others.

Met the love of my life can't stop sleeping with my boss.

it''s easier to go to church then fight with my husband so I have a glass or two of wine before I go to deal with the crap and no one knows not even my husband

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