TEXT TOPIC: What destruction happened with your toddler?

turn my back and my walls are very colorful instead of white

When I was three and my brother was 4 we found my parents vinyl record collection. they made great Frisbees down our street.

turned my back for one time and when she was about 2 she colored on the white cupboards with crayon EVERYWHERE. Recently she took one of my sewing needles and hid it somewhere. It’s been a few days and I still don’t know where it is.

my two-year-old I love him with all my heart but about a week ago we were taking a nap and he woke up before me I noticed the light was on so I got up and realize he had factory reset my phone all of his pictures all my contacts everything gone I love them but I wanted to kill him LOL

sitting in the living room with hubby, in waltzed our two year old pretending to drink from an empty beer bottle he found in the pantry trash. Guess he can open doors now... mom fail

when I was 9mos prego I was so tired I dozed off for a few. My3yr old daughter had climbed up the bathroom counter, dug her fingers into all my makeup and smeared it all over her face and chopped off her hair. I freaked and ended up in a fetal position on the floor of my closet

2yr old learned how to unlock the child proof lock on fridge and mashed 5 dozen eggs in the carpet like little grenades before hubby or I woke up

went to clean up lunch mess my daughter was quiet she went in the bathroom got into the self tanning lotion

my son and my nephew together pulled out every single newly planted tulip at my grandmothers house last spring. They were probably 100 tulips spread out over the lawn and driveway. She was devastated.

my toddler grabbed two steak knives and got them up the stairs and to his room. He was holding them while reading his books!

When my mom heard the garage door, she ran out to find my twin brothers RIDING it up and down. They were taking turns hitting the button.

I was outside with my kids, my 2 year old went inside to use the bathroom. I went to check on him, I found him in the kitchen , he had taken apart the front of my oven with a screwdriver.

my head was turned for just a second and do not ask where the hell they came from but my girl got some scissors and cut off a chunk of hair! A-Aron

My three-year-old sister snuck away to my grandma''s bathroom and painted everything with make up. My mom got so angry but my grandma just laughed about it And grabbed her camera

my husband fell asleep and my son got in the fridge and threw all 18 eggs on the floor

1 yr old daughter painted daddy's finger nails while sleeping on couch

everyone knows when it''s quiet it means toddlers are up to NO good. My oldest when he was a toddler would make his mark everywhere with a sharpe; walls, carpet, couch... and the worst was concrete! Front porch of our rental. Had to sand blast the concrete to get it off

fell asleep on the couch for just a few mins and I woke up to the smell of fire my 3 yr old had lit and blew out an entire box of matches and threw them on the wood deck.

52 yrs ago mom had me in my crib. She came out of the bathroom, I woke up and painted the fridge

dozed off on the couch and woke up to my two year old screaming, he broke his plane and tried to fix it by using super glue and ended up gluing his eye shut. He is now 27 and we still tease him about using super glue.

my twins covered themselves and everything in the kitchen with the Costco sized maple syrup

Nephew put toothpaste in his butt crack!

Left my 3 year old for 2 seconds 2 grab paper towels 2 pick up a dead bird. I told him, DO NOT TOUCH THE BIRDY!!! When I ran back outside he was inthe push-up position above the bird...I screamed, "DID YOU TOUCH THAT BIRDY?!" He looked up & said, "No, I LICKED IT!!!"

I was prego & went to pee when the phone rang 2 yr old answered and responded to whoever called "No her is poopin'" unattended phones & toddlers don't mix!

Mom bought a new F-150 – kids washed it with SOS pads. UGH!!

Son was 3, he found a box of beanie babies and cut all of the tags off. Look dad! I’m helping you!

He spread butt cream all over his room. Then took lipstick to the hutch and carpet in the guest room.

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