TEXT TOPIC: What is the one fight you and your spouse have over and over?

my husband never wants to have sex. We argue all the time

the ONLY thing we argue about is sex, he wants more, I don't. We do it 2 days, 1 day off, 2 days, 1 day off

hubs and I always argue about how often you clean. YES, the toilet you shizz in everyday needs to be cleaned every week

my husband and I fight over how he texts another woman. It''s been going on for a little over 2 years, he says they are just friends, but he hid the messages at first. I see the text it''s all work-related, but he will not listen to me when I ask him not to do it anymore. I it''s his manager at work

The only thing we ever fight about is the stupid ass baby mama. She's a complete idiot and he doesn't see it.

My husband and I always argue about cleaning the house he does most of the work, I am the slacker He gets home usually an hour before I do

my wife and I "discuss" about paying for gym memberships that we dont use.

The babies sugar. He is one year old! He doesn't need candy every day! I know it makes you look like the cool dad, but it's going to rot his teeth.

fight about the ex''s text. If you do ill love you forever. I know you miss my cooking. I miss you guys. Sends a pic of the son. You two are so handsome! Inappropriate at every level i think. It hurts me to know things like this are getting sent. He says he cant control what she sends just his sending.

we always fight about the DAMN TOILET SEAT. He says I should leave it up for him because it's gross to touch. Wtf

where he can put his work boots, I win every time but it's always the same discussion each home time.

Every time I have an interaction with a male friend other than ''hey how are you'' my fiance FLIPS OUT! He says he doesn''t want to control who I talk to, but it sure feels like it, it is exhausting and i''m just about over it

me and my boyfriend have had the same fight over and over about the other friends that are girls in his life and the boundaries that need to be set with them.

he is a flirt and doesn't respect boundaries. I bring it up because I get uncomfortable and then I'm in trouble "because I'm taking away his friends".

we argue over his house. It won't work for blending our two families. He's cheap and just wants to remodel. I want a new house. Been together 2yrs

Thermostat! Even when it''s 21 degrees out, I come home to the AC on! 12 yrs of this argument!

we can't talk about starting a fam w/out a fight. Our IVF failed and I really want to try Embryo adoption, but my hubby is done spending $ on it all

wife and I constantly have the conversation about how it's not okay to fart in the car. She's terrible and always does it on the freeway! She doesn't listen

My husband and I argument on how much time he spends on the computer and how little he helps around the house.

him not letting me know he has plans til 10min b4. Or leavin the house & not tellin me he's leavin or where he's goin, & his sayin I'm not his mother.

I always have a hard time with my husbands kids not cleaning up their stuff. It would/could be a constant discussion weekly/daily. I''m a HUGE fan of #leavenoeffingtrace!

ours is my husbands horrible communication skills! I never know if he is going to be late, also how he burps everywhere! The table, store, restaurant, etc.

My boyfriend always hangs out with our friends and doesn't invite me and then doesn't text me all night and claims is phone is dead this happens LIKE EVERY

My boyfriend & I always argue about social media! He thinks Im on social media for other attention which I''m not

This is kinda depressing but my hubby & I fight about my OCD thoughts that go on in my head. I''m obsessed with the fact that ppl will leave me & he just gets tired of trying to convince me that he will sticks around. I can''t help but prepare myself for everyone to leave...

hubby doesn't like me working. We "discuss" this constantly. I'm doing it for health benefits AND to keep my sanity. He always says I hope it's worth it!

my boyfriend would play video games until 4am and I would have to get up at 5am. We would fight about it all the time... I'm not longer with him

My husband is always changing his taxes to exempt. I hope for a return every year since I claim zero.. 3 out of 4 years we''ve owed. Same fight over and over.

I fight constantly with my wife to keep our house clean. She doesn't mind but it drives me crazy

My husband will spend hours and hours cleaning his RV straightening his garage but when I ask one job around the house he throws a fit

money. He spends so much! I'm a tight ass. Stop spending money.

to the woman who said her hubby doesnt want sex have his testosterone checked I did and it is night and day

My ex is an alcoholic and has been busted with smoking pot while he has the children but he still insist that he should be able to drive them places and have them unsupervised. same fight all the time

my wife and I fight about her choosing her parents also

my wife won't cut her parents off from her life to teach them a lesson. Because Her parents are bigots and won't accept me. And they treat her like crap.

Past arguments she can never let things go and it's wearing on our relationship

him moving his drug addict mom into our small home without consulting me!!!

my husband hates me for being in school and working, saying IM putting him and our children on the back burner.

we argue over his kids just coming around when they want money. Or favors never yo see how he is doing......

we fight about hes addicted to driving doesn't answer calls & we got 3 small. Kids. What if i NEED you!?

My ex would fight with me about my best friend. Didn't believe I was committed to him.

Husband and I fight about baby mama and his parents. He won''t set boundaries and lets them walk all over him and make him uncomfortable but won''t say anything.

my husband is a brick wall when I talk to him. I've told him multiple times it bothers me and it keeps happening.

Me and my husband have had the same fight for the last 7 years. He owns is own business and is a workaholic. He works 24/7! Day and night. It''s not that he HAS to, but he chooses too. It always comes first in his life. We have the argument that he needs to spend more time with us family, it gets better for a few weeks, then falls into his old habits of working all the time, then the same fight happens AGAIN

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