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After many losses. We finally have our rainbow baby here. First boy and he is so precious. Now more than ever I feel incredibly grateful and blessed.

My husband and I just started the process of finally buying our own home. I didn't think this would ever happen!

divorce is finalized as of 3wks ago.Leaving 4vacation w my kids and parents2see my bro in a few hours in HI.Talk about prefect timing. #vacation #readyforchange #thankgodileftyou

finally pregnant with our first baby after 2 years of trying. I''m 37 and my hubby is 45. We were worried it was never going to happen. I have never been so happy to be so sick every morning

we are heading to Kauai on thanksgiving day! Getting away from the crazy family and I'm excited to be with just my husband and kids!

My something good is, after 20 years at IRS, I''m going to work at the VA! I''m already loving it, helping our Veterans! And working with Veterans! I''m very grateful!

starting a new job today! It's going to make a huge financial and mental health difference for myself and my family!

My son, who is in the Navy is coming home this week!!! I haven't seen him in 5 months. I am soo excited to get one of his awesome hugs!

Something good. The Utah Utes are going to play in the Pac 12 Championship Game!!!

we finally updated our appliances and they will be here today! Beautiful stainless steel and a glass top stove instead of the crappy coiled one we have now.

found my wedding dress!!!

Thankful for the houseful of friends and family coming to our home thurs

I'm quitting my job this morning after working there for 6 years #over being treated like crap

Started dating the man of my dreams a year ago. Got engaged last night!

Both my kids are coming home from college for the Thanksgiving holiday! Excited beyond belief!!

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