TEXT TOPIC: How did your pet ruin your house?

he whole bottom 9ft wall in our kitchen... was about half way gone the dog dug a hole/s in the wall.. 

Cat will only drink from a running water fountain. She splashes the water everywhere and spills. The counter is totally warped and ruined.

we live on base at hill airforce. We had 2 dogs. One of them was working on potty training. She had a couple of accident inside. When we moved out they lifted the carpet and black lighted it for urine. They made us pay to replace the carpet. We had to pay over $1000.

an entire bedroom had to be remodeled because the cats got bored. They live outside now.

Best friends cat turned on the bathroom sink upstairs while we were all in Vegas at Nascar. Flooded 3 levels of their home.

So I have a mini pig her name is Paisley and she''s wicked smart and super awesome but she also is very vengeful. If she thinks she hasn''t had enough to eat when we leave for work in the mornings she will take out the kids books all of their toys spread everything across the whole house she will eat their Chapstick pull in the laundry hampers down and even knock over the garbage can. You wouldn''t believe it unless you saw it

when I was little my dad woke up to the fire alarm going our cat had set her basement on fire and was waiting to get out of the door to come into our kitchen with smoke piling out. Luckily my dad got it out it could have been a lot worse

my dog locked himself in my master bedroom and couldn''t get out. So he tried digging under the door. He pulled up all my carpet pad and then scratched the crap out of the door.

My cats where playing and on jumped and knocked over our 65" tv then hit a glass of water and ruined our PS4

Our goldendoodle got mad at us and ate a hole in our wall we didn't realize it until we saw the drywall dust all over his nose.

my sisters great Dane jumped up on her stove to get food off of it and her paw turned the stove on She knocked the toothpicks down and they landed on the hot stove and started her house on fire. She was not home

We had a Min Pin, got on kitchen counter, knocked Tupperware container of choc chip cookies (double batch) opened it ate all, got the runs, we locked into room he ripped half the bedroom door ate some of wood to get out. Was still ok

Cat got on fireplace mantel & walked behind mom''s handmade Christmas Village knocking them all off shattering. 

Put my dogs in my unfinished basement on a super cold day. Came home & they'd basically ate the furnace!!! All the wires chewed. Hundreds of $$!!

inlaws dog had anxiety and if left alone, he went crazy. ripped up carpet, chewed door frames, and pushed out window screens to try to jump out

Friend had bunnies in his apartment... they ate the carpet, thedoor, the baseboards, everything! He got evicted!!

put in 30k landscaping. Pit bull puppy tore up the sod. Replaced it. She tore it up 3 more times Before she grew out of it. So much money and labor!!

cockatoo used to open cage eat drywall n door frames

had all my school text books stacked and ready to sell back. My dog chewed them all up

I have 3 beagles. 2 is them have figured out how to open the upper cupboards. They get in there and eat all the bread. So we kennel them when we''re gone. One of them has figured out how to get out of a locked kennel!

My dog tried digging his way out of our apt. Got thru drywall and damaged the door

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