TEXT TOPIC: Who put you on the spot?

husband sent family group text invite for us to host thanksgiving. AFTER we had already discussed that I didn't want to. Made him take it back!

A lady I don't Like asked me in front of a group of ladies from church if I was going to invite her to my baby shower

my wife asked me last night If the new dress she bought makes her look too big in the belly, I thought it was a trap!

my friend said they would marry another on of our friends for citizenship. Then they look at me and ask if I would marry the next friend for the same reason

last week my friend asked if me and my husband are trying to conceive. We actually are but don''t want to tell people as it''s a sensitive thing and we haven''t had success yet. I had to lie to her and say no

I left the LDS church over 20 years ago, when I was a teenager. My husband is also a non-member. At my Grandpa''s 80th Birthday party he announced he''d really love it if I married my husband in the temple and asked if I would for him. What the hell do you say to that? You''d think after so long my life choices would be respected.

my sister in law was complaining that she didn''t have anyone to babysit her kids on Fridays. In front of the whole family, my spouse says " haley doesn''t have anything on Fridays she can watch them!" I work 2 jobs and am in a doctorate program and Friday is my only day off. Sarcastically I said "ya on my one day off there''s nothing more I would rather do than watch your children."

at my bridal shower my great aunt was being really rude and grouchy the whole party. She came up to me in front of everyone while my mom is upstairs bringing the food down and says well since none of us know each other here why don''t you introduce everyone. It was all distant family my mom invited that I had no idea who they were or how they were related to me. I was so embarrassed

my ex husband asked me to make him a birthday cake.

My boyfriend's mom put us on the spot in front of family and asked us when it was going to be our turn to have kids. We've been together 8 months.

I am the worst caller outer and I don''t know why. I''m always telling people out and always putting people on the spot then I feel bad afterwards but it''s like my filter is just not strong enough to hold back what ever is going to come out

my Sister-in-law asked me what I was doing next Saturday and I said nothing. She then invited herself and my MIL to my house for a craft night. My house isn''t huge and I hate hosting. I also am not a "crafter" so o guess I will just watch some Netflix while they craft... couldn''t say no.

my grandma asked me if I would marry my girl best friend for her before she dies. I'm fully gay and have been for 8 years grandma!

my grandma asked me if I would marry my girl best friend for her before she dies. I'm fully gay and have been for 8 years grandma!

my ex husband was complaining he wasnt getting laid from his girlfriend so he asked me I looked at him and said really I left you and never looked back.

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