TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

you can gossip about my relationship all you want but @least I don't have a husband cheating on me with the neighbors 18yr old daughter

f you manager. Got a problem. Let's talk about it. I am open for positive correction. Don't be a A hole to get me to do what you need.

if you are lucky enough to go to Friendsgiving (Franksgiving), don''t chat so loud that the people near you can''t hear the show! Really enjoyed the show otherwise.

really had to go out of your way and talk to the big boss because I stoop up to you? You just made work very uncomfortable for your self little B-word.!

Get off your a** and get a job there''s nothing wrong with you! Instead your husband works his tail off 60 hrs a week and all you do is complain about there never being enough money

Just cause I refused to give u a job recommendation on LinkedIn doesn''t mean I''m an online bully & u should post it on ur FB. As I said uwere rude to all around u n not a team player. Take responsibility for ur behavior instead of calling me out. Ur the mean girl not me. #highschooldrama

You wonder why your relationships don't work, but you're the one who sabotages them and push people away.

Keep a job & help support your son!!! I'm trying to be supportive of you but it's becoming impossible!!

stop bringing your new boyfriend around our kids. We haven't even started divorce papers yet!

If you say you ll be back to finish a job you’ve been paid for, then do it! You get what you give!

Way to post a review about me, of course I seem fake, I'm at my job that requires me to be nice you!

hey a-hole I'm glad I got to watch the back of your head at the jazz game on Friday! You stood up the entire game nothing like row 10 to watch a drunks ass!

we hesitated to invite you to the party because of your behavior. But I felt bad and invited you anyway. FYI it is not socially acceptable to line your purse with plastic to steal food from the food bar at a party that you''ve been invited to. If you were needy I understand, but you''re not! Stop it! Never again.

know your Ex NFL and have a huge ego but in order for you to continue working with me you need to play by my rules. I know it''s because I''m a girl and you hate taking direction from someone a lot younger...get it together before I bench you!

Family if I can't wash my dishes because the sink is full of your dirty dishes there is a problem. Rinse your dishes and put it in the dishwasher!

Mom, it''s our family''s off year for Thanksgiving so don''t get mad that we won''t be at your pie night because we have something else we want to do. We will be there next year when it''s your time.

When i''m working through it I want to leave you or not, saying things like ''guess i''ll have to get used to not being around you'' doesn''t make me want to stay. I can be passive aggressive too baby

SLOW DOWN DRIVERS in School Zones! It's 20 mph! And don't crowd the cross walk! Back off!

now that the job with all the money is gone, so are all my friends and family. Y'all showing your true colors!

Shoppers! Get off your damn phone when you''re at the cash register! Nobody wants to listen to your conversation and watch you fail at multitasking. Besides, it''s rude!

this custody battle you started 3yrs ago just so you don''t have to pay child support yeah your daughter hates you now hope it was worth it

to all stores playing Christmas music already. The holidays go in order You uncultured swine. Let's get past Thanksgiving the start all the Christmas stuff

I am so sick of you coming to hang out but all you do is eat all of our food and take money. That's not a friend.

quit saying i love you. Loving someone means not cheating. Sexting is cheating. 2 1/2 years of a lie of a relationship. That is not love! Stop!

There is a special place in hell for people like you. You're the one who destroyed your marriage by sleeping with your ex's best friend and it's been years

You were my friend when you were getting what you wanted and giving anything to this so called friendship. Now that I stopped your always threatening me. And you know I can''t do anything about given my situation. Your selfish, cold hearted, and very unhappy. And the funny part is I wish you nothingbut the best. But once this is over it''s over.

must be nice to sit in prison for 5 years and come home and have everything handed to you. You’re 31 grow up You’re not teaching our daughter anything by being you.

if ur order coffee and have more than 3-4 drinks go inside. The drive thru shouldn't have to wait 10 min because of u

the Botox is getting to your head don''t take my daughter shopping while she should be in school. Be a better grandma and don''t go behind my back not take her school

You don't ask somebody if you can be their bridesmaid. You wait to be asked. Now I'm so on the spot

u treat me like maid & sitter, not wife.I tell u u can't go riddin cuz u have a house 2 clean & children 2 raise u act like a pouty child.Grow the f up

To the special Ed teacher I work with. Do your job. Stop trying to find ways to get out of Teaching your students. We count on you to help those students. And its the law.

just because your blinker is on doesn't mean you CAN get over. Next time I'm not hitting my breaks I am hitting you ;)

don't go out to eat then be rude to your server because you were having a bad day, no one forced you to go out and you don't need to ruin others days too

To all my illegal employees remember I can have you fired as soon as I would like so please watch your back

I get your husband served a mission with my husband but we don't like hanging out with you! We have nothing in common! LEAVE US ALONE!!

Too bad that you only promote your friends at work .. you can care less about the people that work hard, don't give you issues, and put up with all the BS!

Let's start writing up managers that aren't doing their effing job! It's ridiculous that I have to clean up their mistakes.

Dear stupid neighbor just because I say I''m going to do something to my house doesn''t mean you need to try to beat me to it. We have 1 income you guys have 5. It''s much easier for you guys. Jerks

hey mama, quit acting like everybody hates you and getting all bothered & They do hate you because you need to move on. Sell your dam house get a damn job and act like it and adult

I hope you all cry and suffer when I quit. You should never let your employees treat others like this and overloading your employees to the point where they have anxiety is not okay!

I called out for work for bereavement and I was told that I would be paid for those 3 days and those absences were not part of my attendance, now the pay period is over and my paycheck is short. If you''re gonna be a manager you occasionally have to manage the store.

To the girl in the blue Subaru at Friendsgiving on Friday. How many people and cars did you almost hit speeding through the parking garage after the show??

ok dumb a$@ when I say something can't be done on a document. It means it cant be done. Dont go crying to my boss behind my back.....

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