TEXT TOPIC: Don't make me be a jerk! Who is making you be a jerk?

My employees force me daily to remind them we have goals we need to hit, we are here to work not sit around and talk about what we are making for dinner.

having a fam xmas party had a family member ask me to univite sum1. Told them I wasn’t doing it they said pick a side I didn’t pick them. They’re not coming now

My ex makes me have to be a jerk because he thinks it’s okay to offer my 19 year old alcohol and be raging drunk at a tailgate why they sit around and uncomfortably. But I''m okay being the jerk in those circumstances.

my girlfriend is gonna make me be a jerk. Both of us are single parents but her kids get away with murder.

Wedding photographer! We are threatening legal action in order for him to fulfill everything he promised in the contract. It has been a fight since JUNE

my boyfriend and I broke up over a month ago. I''ve started to move on and be happy with my life, but he hasn''t realized that. He has reached out multiple times and it''s getting to the point where it''s making me angry. I had to get a little mean and tell him to leave me alone

sitting in church and the two woman behind me were talking sooo loud and their kid kept climbing under my feet. I finally grabbed the kid and through him back over the chair

My Dad, I have to be a jerk and force him into a rehab center after being released from the hospital after a heart attack. It sucks

my sperm donor is the one making me be a jerk. I have tried to work with him for the past 2 years to help him understand what it takes to raise our child but he still fights with me so I met with a mediator last night. It''s now in the courts hands.

I'm the jerk every day at work! I work for DCFS....and most parents don't care for me. Please....just try to get your kids back!

have asked neighbors to stop having their dogs bark at 5 a.m. they won't control them. Have to keep calling animal control feel like a huge jerk

kicked my brother in law out because he was telling his mom to f off in my home. Sorry but no

My ex-wife moves my child several times a year. So I filed for full custody. And now I am a jerk and a horrible person. #dontcare

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