TEXT TOPIC: What made you feel old?

When my kid asked me what a phone hanging on the wall was for

My husband's little brother didn't know who Scottie Pippen was

Having to teach my 20-year-old employees how to use a fax machine

Felt old when talking with a coworker about where we were on September 11. He was in kindergarten. I had already graduated from college.

Realize I was old when my baby had a baby and I qualify to live in senior living.

My little sister (14) had no idea what a floppy disc was or that you once couldn't use the computer if someone was using the landline.

I was told I had arthritis and called ma'am in the same day. I'm 40

I'm dating a girl that is 12 years younger than me and I made a reference to the tv show threes company and she had no clue what I was talking about

Feeling old when my 11-year-old daughter asked if Linkin Park was the classic rock

When I would get patients that were born the year I graduated. I felt really old!!!

I am 19 I grew up watching VHS tapes and was talking to a friend about watching some of the movies that were on VHS and what ones were my favorite to watch and my little brother asked me what a VHS tape

Felt old when my second year of teaching, my students weren't alive when 9/11 happened. They didn't know much about it, either.

The baby I babysat my senior year in HS is graduating HS this year!!!

Daughter asked me if there was electricity when I young. I'm 37

Someone I work with didn't know who Marty McFly is or even what a DeLorean is.

When my youngest sister asked me what a cassette tape is

I'm 44 and my old moment when my 17-year-old daughter asks "dad did they have cars when you were my age"

We had our kids young but just had a baby. Our 17 yr old said I don't want to be an old parent like you guys. I said STOP referring to me as old! Imonly 37!!! Lol

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