TEXT TOPIC: What event did you show up to but you got the date wrong?

Showed up to a Halloween party a day early. I'll never wear that stupid bo peep outfit again!

work for an airline at the airport. At least 2 people a day show up for a flight on a wrong day, week, month even!

my job interview by 2 days woops

In the audience this morning!!!. Showed up for my flight home from New York City to Utah and realized I was a day too late! Still, don't know how that happened

SO EXCITED for Pink concert. Got babysitter, got dolled up & rounded up the girls in DECEMBER the concert was in MAY

My friends got all dressed up, got a babysitter, to go to a concert last week. Only to find out that the concert tickets are for 2019. Doh!

Showed up a week earlier for jury duty

we had a guest speaker in my classroom. I got the days mixed up and so my students kept waiting and waiting for this guest speaker to show up. On top of that, I was in a meeting and there was a sub and the sub ran out of things to do. #6thgradersgonewild

showed up to my dentist appointment, only to be told it was the next week

dog sit for people and I showed up a day early scared the people and the dog!

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