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After dating for 7 years and engaged for 2 we are finally getting married in 6 months

starting a new job today! Wish me luck! Happy Monday!

Got to tell our family and friends that we are pregnant with a baby boy! First boy in the family!

I'm able to drive after not driving for a week and a half because of a seizure. Dayna 333

just got back from a dream trip to a Notre Dame football game. VERY tired heading to work this morning, but SO worth it! Go Irish!

2 week vacation starts Friday in Austin TX. Checking it out before possibly moving there

Good news. We're signing a contract for our new house today! We move in next week!

I have my ultrasound tomorrow to find out the sex of my baby. Can't wait! 1st pregnancy I thought would never happen. Miracles do happen!

our egg retrieval for IVF is this week! First IVF! Praying for our rainbow baby!

close on our first house on the 29th

looking forward to only 2 days of school next week! (Yep, I'm a teacher...lol)

Finally driving again 7 weeks after rotator cuff surgery

It's my birthday = happy 33rd to me!

I am FINALLY over my ex. Hallelujah!!!

I've got an interview for my supervisor's position on Thursday!

was able to go to Friendsgiving! It was so fun!

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