TEXT TOPIC: Do you want to thank a Veteran?

am a 100% Disabled Veteran and would like you to send a Thank You to my wonderful wife, Brandy, who deals with all my disabilities with Love.

thank you for serving our country babe it's been 10 years since you've been gone we been through a lot wish you could of seen the day we could finally get married I love you and miss you so much #airforce

I am a veteran and I want to thank my wonderful wife for all the things that she does while I''m gone on deployments with our kids, and taking care of everything at home.

Thank you to my Grandma who served in Korea for the US Army. I miss you everyday. Thank you to my Grandpa who served in the Navy. You are my hero.

grandpa was in the airborne. Thank you grandpa. What a man. My greatest example in my life.

I would like to thank my family who has served, my childhood friends and my current friends.

I''d like to pay tribute to my late father Billy Ray / Navy Vet. An amazing, caring, generous, loving man. He taught me so much. He passed earlier this year. I miss him every second.

want to thank my pops, Jason Wilde for serving in the Utah National Guard. He''s a Lieutenant Colonel and works so hard for everything. He''s been to Afghanistan 2 times and has gone through a lot and I''m thankful I still have him around to help with car problems= haha love you dad. Thanks for everything

Thank you to my brothers, Cody, Clay and Kurt for your service! Prayers for Kurt who is on his way to Afghanistan. Love you guys!

want to thank Mike Nosiska, he was a friend of mine in the Nebraska National Guard, he was killed in Afghanistan in '10. He was a good friend.

my grandfather Donald Taft Miller- served in the Navy during WWII in the Pacific Arena on an Ammunition. Supply ship

My dads a World War II vet he served on the USS Intrepid, the aircraft carrier on Hudson river in New York it''s the one that was in the movie national treasure. I never heard any war stories. I was able to take him on a business trip with me to New York and as soon as he stepped foot on the intrepid the stories started flowing, it was incredible I want to tell my father thank you for your service Duane Call

just want 2 say thank U 2 my brother Chris for serving in the Army next year he will be deployed to Afghanistan and serve 3 yrs just can''t wait for you to come home for Xmas

I would like to THANK Dennis Moon who is a Vietnam veteran, I love him sooooo much he is an AMAZING dad.

want to thank Josh Gillen Ted Cao Even Tang. And Jacki Gillen for your service and being amazing people. Thank you all

General Gary C. Nelson. Thank you for your service!

both of my big brothers are currently serving and they sacrifice so much away from family, children and lives to fight for our freedoms

my dad who served in the Korean war. He's since passed love you dad

My mom,dad,2 uncles, and grandpa. I love them and love what they represent, thank you beyond words

would like to thank my great great uncle, passed a few years ago and miss him so much. Was in the navy in ww2 and army in Korea. He didn''t like to talk about it, but he survived days at sea when his navy ship was sunk. Thanks to ALL the vets out there!

want to thank my late father who served in the coast guard for years I love you

want to thank our son in law John who was just deployed for his 4th deployment to Afghanistan

want to thank my brother Dana for serving in the Marine Corps, deployed to Afghanistan. He has been a huge advocate for veterans care since he was discharged. So proud.

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