TEXT TOPIC: Do you know a bragger?

My sister in law! In case you haven't heard, the whole world revolves around her and her three kids.

my brother likes to brag a lot about all hes new stuff he buys i always tell him...things are things they are replaceable but people aren’t!!! So stop bragging or im out!!!

my dad lives in Florida so we talk on the phone every Sunday. Our conversations consist of him talking and me listening. The whole entire conversation is him bragging

I have a family member who constantly brags about their kids. It's annoying. Your kids have done nothing life changing.

bro in-law. Always talks about how much of a influencer he is, money he has, & his style. His 21,lives w/ parents, has a allowance--my in-laws pay for everything. He always scoffs at me about everything . To bad I have a family, degree, & starting a business w/ my wife.

My ex boyfriend is a complete narcissist and would do things for people then brag about it to anyone who would listen. Things like giving his brother a little money after having a baby, or buying something for his daughter- he always wanted to brag about it!

OMG! it''s my brother in law! He has to have all the nicest and biggest things. He will go buy all this stuff and he will make sure you know he ha all this money to go buy these things. Little does he know my sister tells us he will not pay his bills like the house payment and will go shopping first so they get so far behind on those bills.

My brother always have to have the latest and greatest and likes to brag about what he has and then tries to put us down for not having what he does

my dumb bro in law brags about all his vacations. I know it's just time share meetings he sits through

S-I-L brags about great deal on her house, her car, $ makes @ work, I'm constantly obligated to go to family functions w/ her & listen to bragging

My brother, always talking about his income. He''s self employed, makes hundreds of thousands a year, one year made $1 million. Brags about his cars,the monstrosity of house he just built. All the toys he is buying.

my brother in law got his doctorate in chiropractics and has said with a complete straight face multiple times that he thinks he''s top three smartest people in the world.

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