TEXT TOPIC: Do you not know what your spouse does for work?

apparently i don't know what my husband does. I always said he installs elevators and he is actually a foreman and not construction

my husband doesn't know what I do. We've been together 10 years, married for 6 and I've been at my job for 8 years.

it doesn't matter how many times my husband tries to explain to me what he does, I don't get it. Something to do with managing software. I don't know.

My husband does something with airplane parts. Something with "toes" and "Riggs" and fiber. All I know is sometimes he comes home covered in gold hair looking stuff, and sometimes it''s black hair, hahaha

My husband works at Dugway and most of what they do there is secret. All I know is he does "Military testing and training".

My husband has worked for a semiconductor company for 13 years and I have no idea what he does. Only been in the bldg once

my husband has worked in the oil industry for 7 years. I legit have no idea what his actual job is or what his company does in the oil industry. I see him for six days every three weeks, a paycheck hits our bank every two weeks. But other than that ???? I like to ask how his other family is all the time, he does not find it very funny.

fianc and I work at the same company- he has no clue what I do. why? I''m rewriting all of the policies and procedures he had previously implemented.. yea not gonna even open that can.

know my hubby is a Sr. Process/Chemical engineer and his job has something to do with salt and potash/fertilizer, that's it.

my husband is active duty af and I have no idea what he does for the af. It's super secret and he can't talk about his job.

my husband is an Online appropriational financially fiduciary?!???? What the heck is that???

my wife is in the military intelligence for the United States army and every time I go in her office all the computers get turned off and everybody turns out and faces me so honestly truthfully I know she’s in the intelligence unit but I have no idea what she’s doing

my husband works at the NSA in cyber...I don't know exactly what he does there. Sometimes he comes home stressed out but he can't talk about:(

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