TEXT TOPIC: Are you paying for storage each month and you are not sure why?

pay my mom $20/mo to store my Barbies, porcelain dolls, She-Ra castle, household items from my 1st marriage, new hubby doesn’t know I’m paying her to store it. LoL

I’m holding on to tons of baby stuff. The crib, The Walker, the bouncer, clothes, toys... We are done with kids but I just know as soon as I get rid of it will end up pregnant. it’s driving my husband crazy!

When my fiance moved in with me I learned he was paying for 2 storage units that had his stuff mixed in with other family members stuff for years that he forgot about

have all my old apartment furniture in a storage unit that I pay cash for every month. My wife and I have had our house for three years I hold onto it In case she ever decides to leave. I will at least have something left

Had a baby grand piano sitting in a storage unit for 3 years. Finally got it to a restoration place and it wasn't worth anything so we just donated it.

we had a unit for baby stuff. We tried for 5 years for a second baby and it didn’t happen so my husband made me get rid of it and then the next year we had a baby followed by a third baby later.

My parents store a bunch of stuff for me. It started when I left for the military but now I’ve been out for three years and luckily they still hold onto it for me. Every once in a while my dad asks me to get a storage unit and I somehow get out of it. I don’t even know what he has anymore! But it’s gotta be special.

when I got divorced, I bought all the furnishings for a 2 bedroom apartment. Put it all in storage when I moved in with my boyfriend. Year and a half later finally sold it and then we broke up. Had to start over again. #stupid

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