TEXT TOPIC: Who is the person in the family that is infamous?

uncle was enticing minors online.. got busted not once, but twice. Both times were police acting like the minors on the other end.

My dad was in the news because in 1999 he shot and killed someone that was holding his wife hostage with a gun. My dad was a salt Lake County sheriff’s officer and was 1st to arrive on scene. He was awarded for saving the women’s life but still has nightmares about it.

my pathetic cousin. He was the getaway driver for the chipped tooth bandit. A string of robbers who were dumb. He served many years in federal prison.

one of my cousins wasn’t on the news but he was asked to be apart of the gangland show that airs on tv for SLC so he’s on that talking about how he grew up in the gang life.

I saw my cousin in the news one day for stabbing a guy outside a bar

My ex''s brother called the police screaming that his girlfriend was stuck in the walls of the house after busting hole all over the house with the sledgehammer.. his girlfriend was out of town..

my hubbys cousin told a car salesman his gpa was bed ridden and couldn’t come in to sign loan docs sales guy let him take them home he forged his gpa’s signature for a 30k car loan and didn’t make payments. They came after his gpa for payments he’s 90 with cancer. Made the news when it happened

family member was the one who broke into the raptors baseball field and started the concessions on fire. Sentencing is tomorrow... finally!!

my ex was arrested for theft and a police chase across county lines. Made live news on all 4 stations. So embarrassing to admit to friends and family.

BIL bcuz he got n a row w/another driver and threw a bit of dried up bologna sandwich at him/he chased my BIL down tried to break his car window--

all this with his pregnant wife in the car luckily a cop saw the whole thing and gave them both tickets.

my brother was on the front page of the newspaper because he went on a high speed chase on his motorcycle. He told me afterwards he had dreams about doing it and now can cross it off his bucket list. #30daysinjail #communityservice

My aunt was in the o-14 gang and got pregnant when she was 14. She went on the montel Williams show.

My friends brother was in the paper because he ran from Ogden police and jumped in the Ogden river to get away from them

my sister was on the news for pepper spraying a constable and assaulting a police officer #winningatlife

my step brother was on the news for a police stolen car( not just any car the DA''s car) chase. Went through houses in a neighborhood and was found hiding in someone''s home.

my uncle was in a DV with my aunt that turned into a hostage/SWAT situation. They were both cops at the time, and ended up losing their jobs. Something we still talk about

my cousin was the guy that took the teenager up in the woods in bountiful about 10 yrs ago and she died and he didn't he's currently in jail

my husband got into a high speed chase with the unified Police Department drove up into someone''s yard and then hit in a boat and got caught becauseit was the only house on the street with cameras it was insane

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