TEXT TOPIC: What happened at the movies?

I was in a movie last week, these 2 adults would not stop talking. 10 minutes through the movie I turned around and told them to shut up. Or leave.

we had a lady come in the movie a bit after it had started and she was using the flashlight on her phone to look for a seat. Shining in everyone’s eyes. I called her out.

a kid was flinging pennies at peoples heads. My dad got fed up with it and I seriously thought he was going to get in a fight with how aggressive he got with them, he is a teddy bear so I was shocked!

people always kick the back of my seat then get mad when I tell them to stop

the loud laugher during a movie. Sis's BF said louder "shut up". Only little laughs after that. #nochrunchypopcorn

had a guy vaping in front of me in a movie. After 3-4 puffs I kicked his chair and asked him to stop that it was going in front of the screen. He was nice and apologized

older couple asked a guy to please put his phone away. The guy on his phone called them assholes. Then the older gentleman threw his drink on him.

watching American Sniper opening night.Are seats where by a group of teens.they were giggling the whole time,and adding their two sense as to what they would do in that situation.Very disrespectful.I got sick of it,my husband got sick of it, and my 8 year old at the time was sick of it. Before I could do anything, my 8 year old went and stood in front of them, and told them, "you disrespectful kids need to leave" when they went to laugh at my son, my husband leaned over and told them "he looks crazy, you might want to listen to him"

movie was a lady with a baby who kept crying and she wouldn''t leave. People were saying ''we didn''t leave our kids at home to come listen to yours scream!''

past Saturday. Anti gay guy got up halfway thru bohemian Rhapsody. Top of his lungs. F this shiz. F this gay movie. f all you faggots. Walked out.-- the guy screamed faggots at us the audience. One girl said Hey!! But he was already walking out. I couldn't believe what happened.

there was a 2 yr old running around in only a poopy diaper

young girl sitting next to my mom took off her shoes, pulled her foot up near her face, and started popping her toe knuckles!!

At a racy adult movie & a newborn starts crying. Fine, get it to stop, nope 15-20min baby is still crying. No, not ok.

went Halloween new movie the night before Halloween. Extremely gory and graphic. Parents there took their 8 + 10 yr old boys. So inappropriate

I saw queen movie last weekend and next to me sits a girl who sung every song to her boyfriend! I said 'this is not a bleeping song along!'

30 minutes until movie I got to put on my arm rest I turned around I told the person to take his foot off my arm rest I will move it for him so he did

went to a movie a few years ago, about 20 min into the movie these 2 girls come in drunk off their butt, crack open some beer and laugh and talk very loudly, a guy sitting by them got up and they think he''s leaving but he returns with a cop who escorted them out.

in a movie theater I couldn''t believe it but after trying to get a row all by ourselves for months and months my wife and I were finally got the backrow all to ourselves so that we could have sex in the movie theater

drunk guy yelling throughout the movie. I finally yelled at him to shut up! He didn't so I got him kicked out. Dollar movies but STILL! LOL

My water broke, I was so mad! I knew that I wouldn’t be in immediate labor, but my husband made us leave and go to the hospital anyways. My daughter wasn’t born for another 20 hours!

The person next to me kept answering their phone. When I asked they said someone was headed to the hospital. Why are they still at the movie theater?!?!

A kid was kicking my seat so i said politely to please stop the morher said out loud "we better move you or she is going to be pissed the whole movie"

went to watch the movie a quite place with my husband and he always by food!!! And no one told me it was actually a quite place literally...so through out movie i keep telling my husband "shut up...ur eating so loud" hahaha never again!!! I couldnt even eat my popcorn!!

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